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   Chapter 169 I Will Kill Them

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"Nebula Cloud Transformation!" The spiritual power in Rocky's chest transformed in a tornado as he roared. Instantly, it burst out powerfully to ravage the unfortunate spirit manipulators who had been sent to do Matthew's bidding.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Encased in a glowing cloud, the two spirit manipulators from the first squad were struck by the overwhelming Nebula Cloud Transformation Rocky had mercilessly unleashed. As they were flabbergasted by the sudden elevation of Rocky's power, they put up little defense to this unexpected attack. They were thrown a great distance and rolled on the ground as they vomited mouthfuls of blood.

Witnessing Rocky overwhelm the two fifth grade Mortal Stage spirit manipulators with only a single strike of spiritual martial arts, Matthew was also stupefied. He could still not wrap his head around how Rocky could become so powerful all of a sudden.

But Matthew would be dead wrong if he thought that it was the end of his nightmare. Rocky would not let them go so easily. What they had done to Sue and Jackson was beyond forgiveness. Matthew was trembling in sheer terror at what happened in the next moment. He was completely unable to believe what he saw in the second that followed.

Rocky walked slowly to one of the two spirit manipulators who was groaning on the ground. At that moment, his eyes turned sharply evil, a strong determination to murder bursting out from his aura.

"Mercy! Mercy on me. Please don't kill me..." One spirit manipulator pleaded immediately as he sensed that Rocky was about to do something to him. His eyes looked up in abject terror, pupils dilated as he shuddered from head to foot.

However, Rocky's eyes were glazed over with a thirst for ferocious revenge. He totally ignored the spirit manipulator's pleas as he swung his fist, which by now was fully armed with spiritual power. The spirit manipulator could not even manage to let out a cry before his head was smashed by Rocky's powerful punch. Blood spattered from the explosion of his skull and got all over Rocky, making him looked even more savage.

"You... How dare you to commit murder in broad daylight!" Witnessing Rocky turn into a maniac killer, Matthew could not help but tremble. He quivered as his face turned gray from extreme panic.

Rocky only slightly raised his head and gave Matthew a quick glance before he approached to the other spirit manipulator. He terminated the spirit manipulator's life the same way he did previously without any hesitation. Satisfied with the results, he walked towards Matthew haughtily. A heavy, oppressive air surrounded him and frightened Matthew to the core.

Matthew was panic-stricken when he saw Rocky

gloriously from his palm which he aimed at Matthew's groin. Matthew cried out in agony. He looked at his bloody crotch and realized he was totally ruined.

"Get the hell out of here!" Rocky shouted to Matthew. Then he turned back and walked towards Sue. She was too young to endure this. He did not want the bloody killing scene to further traumatize the poor girl who just lost her Grandpa. If Sue hadn't stopped him, Matthew would have been dead by now.

Out of the fear for Rocky, he covered his crotch by both his hands to constrain the pain as he tried to stand up and run. It was important than anything else that he could leave here alive. But, even in a hurry to run, he threatened as if he sensed Rocky would not kill him, "Rocky, let's wait and see. You are done!"

At that moment, Rocky had already went back to Sue. Sue had cried too much in the grief of her grandpa's death. He sighed as he saw her swollen eyes, "Sue, I'm so sorry for your loss."

"Mr. Bai, you killed two people. You will not be able to get away with it. You had better run." Sue knew that Rocky killed them to avenge her grandpa's death. But she knew that no murder could repay by his life. She was gravely worried. Rocky's life could be in danger!

"They deserved it," Rocky said indifferently, glaring at the two bodies.

"Mr. Bai..." Sue bit her tender lips as if the pain of the sudden tragic death of her beloved Grandpa washed over her again.

"We had better arrange the interment for your grandpa first. It is said only a burial can bring peace for the deceased. If your grandpa will know in another world that you are safe, he can be relieved and rest in peace," Rocky sighed as he comfortingly rubbed Sue's delicate shoulders. Then he walked directly into the house, overcome by a sense of gloom.

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