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   Chapter 168 Hidden Strength

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 5474

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Standing guard outside Jackson's room, two spirit manipulators saw a flashing black figure. Suddenly, it stopped in front of them. Once they recognized that it was Rocky they both stepped intimidatingly forward, laughing in distain. "Ha-ha! How are you doing, popular loser captain? So? How dare you bother us right now! If you don't want to get hurt, get lost immediately!"

Rocky recognized they were manipulators from the first squad, who had a strength of the fifth grade of Mortal Stage.

"No!" Sue's desperate scream rang out from inside the room.

"Get away!" Rocky shouted at them coldly, his rage surging up at the sound of Sue's pitiful cries.

"Idiot! Matthew is busy now. You'd better not enter the room, otherwise you're a dead man. Move, now! We don't want to hurt you, even though you are a piece of trash. Leave if you want to keep your limbs intact. After Matthew enjoys the girl, it's our turn to have a good time. We don't have time to play with you." They laughed shamelessly. But their words fell on deaf ears.

At the sound of Matthew's name, Rocky burst out with an aura of pure rage. He emitted a powerful force, which began to surround the two manipulators.

They were utterly taken by surprise. How could he suddenly summon this strength!?

"Uriah!" Rocky shouted. He had no plans to waste time with these two soldiers. Saving Sue was his most pressing matter.

Uriah roared at the manipulators, howling as he stampeded towards them. They were frightened and stepped to the side right away.

Rocky broke into the room, finding Jackson lying in blood with his eyes closed. Matthew was on top of Sue,

ast. Thus they were afraid to strike first, afraid of bearing the brunt of the beasts' rage.

"I will finish this on my own," Rocky murmured quietly to Uriah as he turned around, rushing at Matthew and the other manipulators.

The two manipulators saw Rocky coming without Uriah and were delighted. They thought that they could beat him up and prove to Matthew they weren't weak and useless! The shame Uriah caused to them would be avenged on Rocky, and they were sure of it! They applied their skilled spiritual martial arts, summoning spiritual power. It seemed they weren't complete trash at all. Standing in a row before Rocky, they were ready to launch their strike.

Rocky was calmly standing still as they ran towards him. He raised his arms at will and spiritual clouds emerged before his chest, accumulating formidable spiritual power in the blink of an eye.

The running manipulators couldn't believe Rocky would have such unimaginable spiritual power. Matthew, who stood behind them, broke out in a cold sweat. He was utterly horrified and prayed it was all just a dream.

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