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   Chapter 167 The Eastern Village Had Been Plundered

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After departing from Marin's camp, Rocky returned right away to his room to leave some of his belongings. After a few minutes of rest, he walked directly to the village in the east to pick up Rubygon.

In the village, Rocky happened to run into Jackson, who had just come back from the market in a carriage.

"Rocky, nice to see you here! The goods you asked me to sell for you sold out quite quickly. They were very popular and almost everyone scrambled to buy them," Jackson said with a smile at the sight of his friend.

"That's good, thank you." Rocky nodded indifferently. It was as if he had already known it would happen.

Jackson stopped the carriage beside the sheepfold and stepped out of it. He approached Rocky and produced a small pouch out of his pocket, holding it out with a trembling hand. He handed it to Rocky and said, "This is the money I made from selling the goods. Over one hundred gold coins. I've never seen so much money before in my life! Oh, I kept them very carefully! I had them with me at all times. I was so worried that I would lose them otherwise!"

"Over one hundred?" Rocky's brow furrowed. He knew that the materials he had given Jackson were worth at least one thousand gold coins. But Jackson had lived his whole life in this village. He couldn't have known those were the materials from wild spirit-manipulated beasts at the Earthly Stage. So Rocky bit his tongue. He wasn't planning on keeping the money, anyway.

"Keep it, Jackson. This is what I owe you for Rubygon's milk," Rocky said, pushing the bag back into Jackson's hands.

"I can't take this! The milk is not worth so much money. Please take back it!" Jackson thrust the bag back quickly, his voice trembling.

But Rocky wouldn't take it. Both men were insisting the other take it when a high voice interrupted them.

"Grandpa, you're back! What are you two doing here?" Sue came out of the house, cradling Rubygon in her arms. Seeing Jackson and Rocky bickering about a small pouch, her curiosity was stirred. She walked up to them and snatched the pouch. Feeling its weight, she opened it and saw a plethora of golden coins.

"Wow! So much money!" Sue exclaimed, her eyes opening wide in surprise. She had never seen so much money before!

"Sue, give the pouch back to Rocky," Jackson told his granddaughter hastily.

"No, just keep it. It's my way to express my thanks t

y Dragon Empire. And the atmosphere in the military camp which was located on the border grew tenser by the day at the impending chaos.

Right when Rocky was about to leave the cave after feeding the Dark Heaven Insect, he realized that he hadn't visited the eastern village for a few days. It was still early, so he decided to swing by and see Jackson and Sue. He thought Sue might complain about not having seen Rubygon for a while.

Rubygon had grown substantially in the course of only two weeks. It was full of beans now and followed Uriah every day as if it had taken Uriah as its mother. Rocky exercised Rubygon's brain nerves for two hours on a daily basis. Only after Rubygon was fully grown would he find out whether the results would match up with his hypothesis.

When the three neared the eastern village, they were alarmed to discover that something had happened to the village. It had become a total mess, as though it had been plundered by robbers. Villagers all hid in their homes and closed the doors, seeming to be terrified of something. The whole village was dreadfully quiet. Rocky was the only person in the street.

A child's scream suddenly pierced the air, causing Rocky to start in surprise.

He looked around and realized that the scream had come from Jackson's house. Outside his house stood two men in a soldier's robe of a spirit manipulator. It was obvious that they were from the military camp.

Then Rocky remembered something suddenly and his expression changed. He charged swiftly towards Jackson's house, Uriah and Rubygon following at his heels.

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