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   Chapter 166 Disappear In Situ (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-11-18 00:12

As soon as he arrived at the entrance of Marin's camp, Rocky heard the sound of people arguing inside. It seemed the dispute was about what happened at the front line.

"Commander, I think the issue still needs to be discussed further. If we send troops to the front line rashly, I am afraid that it will cause unnecessary disputes." Came the solemn voice of Deputy Commander Chen.

"Yeah, I agree with him. We haven't investigated the identity of the two spies yet. More importantly, we haven't captured the person who murdered our people stationed at the outpost of our front line." Another solemn voice rang out.

"Aside from the Timber Deity Empire, who else will engage in this kind of plot? Not only have they sent spies to our empire, but they have also killed our people to challenge us and establish their authority. Do you know what I think? I think the Timber Deity Empire wants to provoke us to start a war. Since they dared to act so blatantly within the area of our northeast military camp, I will not let them go easily..." Marin's indignant screams echoed so loud it could be heard from outside.

"Right, has Rocky come back now?" Marin asked suddenly.

"Not yet," Deputy Commander Chen answered.

"The final destination for the secret mission that I assigned to him was the outpost at the front line where the slaughtering incident happened. If he's not lucky, I am afraid... It was all my fault. I shouldn't have sent him to carry out the secret mission," Marin said regretfully. There was a hint of sadness and guilt in her voice.

"Yeah? Then why did you send me to carry out the secret mission? Commander, I guess you sincerely wanted me to get killed." At that point, Marin and the two Deputy Commanders heard the bantering sound from outside the camp and looked up to find its source. Immediately, they saw a figure walked in. His face was all-too-familiar.

"Rocky, you are back!" they exclaimed in surp

pies right away. Also, find out the murderer who has attacked the outpost..." Marin ordered the two Deputy Commanders as her eyes grew colder and sharper. She was determined to find and punish those who dared to attack them.

The two Deputy Commanders accepted the order and left.

As soon as they were out of Marin's camp, a delicate figure abruptly appeared next to Marin.

"Stop investigating Rocky for the time being. You need to go back and report everything about Rocky honestly to the Deputy Commander in Chief. You also need to report the discovery of the spies' corpses and the slaughtering incident at the outpost. I want to hear her opinion about these two things," Marin said to the figure. The figure turned out to be one of Isis's personal guard. She came to the northeast military camp with Marin only to investigate Rocky. However, so many unexpected things happened when she had just started the investigation. Thus, she had no way but to put aside the investigation for a while. Urgent things were given more focus which meant she had lesser time to investigate Rocky.

After hearing Marin's instructions, the figure immediately disappeared in situ. It was like she was never there to begin with. Apparently, she was a mighty warrior with formidable martial skills.

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