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   Chapter 165 Disappear In Situ (Part One)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6756

Updated: 2019-11-18 00:02

Even though Rocky got the Dark Heaven Insect with extreme ease and now bred it in captivity, he still couldn't get the Dark Heaven Egg that easily. The process wasn't fast and easy that there would be no instant results. It took time and patience. According to the description in the Beast Encyclopedia, the production of one Dark Heaven Egg at the primary grade by a three-star Dark Heaven Insect at the first level would take one month. Sometimes, it could even take two or up to three months if the production process was slow, not to mention the production time for the Dark Heaven Egg at the medium or the premium grade, which definitely would be much longer. Rocky certainly did not expect to wait this long.

'It looks like I need to catch a few more Dark Heaven Insects to produce more eggs. With only one to produce egg, I am afraid that it can't produce enough eggs to meet my demand for cultivation. If I have several of them, then the situation will be totally different. I can breed them simultaneously and produce more eggs in a short amount of time. Moreover, I definitely should spend some time studying how to speed up the production of a Dark Heaven Egg. If I can do that, I can shorten my waiting time and efficiently produce more eggs...' Rocky thought deeply as he examined the Dark Heaven Insect, who could not move in front of him. It looked like a statue by the way it was paralyzed. Even though relying on his knowledge about the modern science and technology couldn't make the Dark Heaven Insect produce the Dark Heaven Egg instantly, he still could shorten the time of producing the Dark Heaven Egg. He could also improve the production efficiency, as long as he bred the Dark Heaven Insect scientifically, like arranging appropriate diet, improving its living environment and so on.

It took him a great amount of effort to capture the Dark Heaven Insect alive, and the man with red hair even inadvertently helped him to capture it. Even though he didn't mean to help him at all, Rocky wouldn't

t when it was him who killed the two spies.

"Captain, how come you have no reaction about it at all?" Thor and Joss asked strangely when they saw Rocky was so calm. Obviously, this was not the reaction they were expecting. Not even a single bone in his whole body twitched when he heard the news.

"What kind of reaction should I have? You are simply telling me that some people have been killed. It's no big deal," Rocky said indifferently. His tone and reaction showed that he could not care less about what happened.

"Captain, I am telling you, if this kind of event keeps occurring, it must mean that something big is going to happen. Maybe the war between our Empire and the Timber Deity Empire would erupt. If that happens, we may have to be sent to the front line. If we went to the front line, our chances of survival is very slim. Do you know what that means? There's a high chance that we would never come back alive," Joss said. He obviously looked terrified. His eyes widened exaggeratedly as he imagined the horrifying possibility. However, this did not terrify nor disturb Rocky at all.

"If you are so afraid of death, then you'd better go home and be a farmer again," Rocky responded impatiently. He didn't have the time to talk about it further. After that, he went to Marin's camp to report to her about his mission.

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