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   Chapter 164 Obtain A Treasure

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"Damn! This Dark Heaven Insect is too difficult to deal with!" The red-haired man had no clue that he had completely fallen for hook, line, and sinker into the trap Rocky had so masterfully set. He was now going to great lengths to kill the Dark Heaven Insect, to obtain the Dark Heaven Egg inside its body.

After spending quite a few laborious minutes in a desperate struggle with the Dark Heaven Insect, he had been panting and sweating. His spiritual power was growing weaker by the second. Worse still, his spirit-manipulated beast had been accidentally wounded by the Dark Heaven Insect before and had, therefore, lost its fighting power, leaving its master to fight against their prey alone.

But the beast was in no good shape either. Although it had armor as hard as iron, this spirit manipulator had adopted a relatively clever way to attack its weaker lower abdomen. Therefore, although its outer shell was intact, it also suffered a lot of internal injuries under the impact of the spiritual power at the Earthly Stage, which made it begin to seem rather powerless.

When the Dark Heaven Insect discovered that it was not in an ideal situation, it decided to escape under the ground as quickly as possible.

Utterly spent, the red-haired man could only watch helplessly as the Dark Heaven Insect tried to escape, but he had no intention or any remaining strength to stop it.

As the Dark Heaven Insect was about to run away, suddenly, a bone arrow covered with venom and mixed with the strong spiritual power of the Earthly Stage flew from one direction. With a loud, ear-splitting whistle, the bone arrow sank into one leg of the scurrying insect. Its injured leg suddenly went entirely limp, causing the insect to slow down considerably as it ran underground.

"Swish, swish..."

Three more arrows flashed overhead, hitting one more forelimb and two hind legs!

"Crash!" Accompanied by a loud din, a huge cloud of smoke and dust began to float into the air.

The Dark Heaven Insect finally collapsed on its four legs as if its internal organs had come to a halt, leaving its huge body with no strength to support itself anymore. Finally, with the last of its strength completely gone, it fell onto the ground.

Upon observing this scene, the red-haired man could not help but feel totally stupefied. 'What kind of arrow is so powerful that it can bring down the Dark Heaven Insect at once?' he thought to himself doubtfully.

Just then, one man and a beast emerged out of the dense thicket nearby.

"It's you!" The red-haired man looked surprised when he saw Rocky emerge unscathed from the bushes, with a cocky grin on his face.

"You've really made great efforts in helping me exhaust the strength of the Dark Heaven Insect so that I can defeat it in just one move!" The red-h

light of night in the ghost village west of the northeast military camp, where the Dark Heaven Insect had slain many people. Now the village was no longer inhabited, and there was a huge shadow following behind them.

Behind them lumbered the huge insect, staring right at the saliva on Uriah's leg.

Since there was a nest under the ghost village, which was a very suitable place to keep it in captivity, Rocky led the Dark Heaven Insect here. However, along the way, he took great pains to divert some patrol forces from the northeast military camp, and finally managed to bring the Dark Heaven Insect here without anyone's notice.

Seeing that the Dark Heaven Insect had almost run out of energy, Rocky took down the bottle of magical saliva that was tied to Uriah and threw it directly into the hole in the ghost village.

Once he did this, the Dark Heaven Insect which was right behind him immediately followed the bottle directly into the hole.

Rocky also jumped into the hole and landed on the monster's back. He grabbed a piece of its iron shell to stabilize himself, then followed it all the way down into the ground. He finally entered the nest, which was tens of meters below the surface.

Once the beast stopped moving, Rocky jumped off its back. As he did this, he pulled out several poisoned bone arrows from the quiver behind his back. While the Dark Heaven Insect was looking for the magical saliva in the dark, he aimed at the unhealed wounds on its four legs and inserted the arrows into its wounds one by one.

"Howl!" The Dark Heaven Insect immediately collapsed to the ground again, unable to move.

Rocky grinned. It wasn't every day that he successfully captured a Dark Heaven Insect and trapped it in this nest. After that, he could begin to keep it in captivity, and it would be extremely easy for him to obtain the Dark Heaven Egg!

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