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   Chapter 163 A Great Gift

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"I have a secret letter with me. Originally, I was planning to send it to the outpost. However, it seems that I don't have to do that now. I'll give it to you if you can let me off. With this secret letter, you can get everything you need. Otherwise, I'll destroy it..." Rocky said to the hired spirit manipulators led by the man with red hair. As he deliberately spoke, he drew out the last secret letter from his chest.

Hearing Rocky's words, the hired spirit manipulators' eyes all flashed, staring intently at the secret letter in Rocky's hand. Their faces were flushed with greed.

The man with red hair gave him an evil smile and said, "That's a deal. Give me the secret letter, you bastard, and I will give you a chance to live!"

"Done! You can send a man to take it from me. Only one is enough," Rocky replied as he stepped back, holding up the secret letter to distance himself from the hired spirit manipulators.

"Morris, you go and take it for us. Remember! Be nice to him. Don't scare him away..." the man with red hair said to one of his men, discretely shooting him a wink. The man, whose power was at the fifth grade of the Mortal Stage, was so fearsome that he looked like a demon.

Realizing the real meaning of the man with red hair, Morris burst out piercing laughter. Then he walked towards Rocky, who was still stepping back. In this way, they walked about two hundred meters in total before Rocky stopped.

"Lad, come on! Give me the secret letter and get away!" Morris hooted.

"Alright." Rocky straightforwardly passed the secret letter to him.

Morris came very close to Rocky in a big stride and looked as though he was about to take the secret letter from Ricky's outstretched hand. However, in a flash, his tattoo-covered arm reached out, nimbly changed its path, and hit Rocky's chest instead.

At the moment, seeing Morris had prevailed, the other hired spirit manipulators all broke into laughter. They believed that Rocky was doomed. However, while they were hooting with glee at the success of their scheme, Rocky cracked a wicked grin. With the aura of his spiritual power suddenly surging high, Rocky quickly caught Morris' arm before he realized what happened to him. Crack! It was the telltale sign of an arm totally fracturing.

Morris couldn't help but utter a heartrending scream and clutch his arm in disbelief. Without a moment's delay, Rocky gripped his throat and wrenched it with a little strength. As he did so, Rocky glared coldly at the other hired spirit manipulators. The force had twisted Morris' head askew, blood spraying from his mouth. In an instant, Morris collapsed on the ground, as dead as a doornail.

"Morris..." The other hired spirit manipulators were all stunned at the scene. How was it possible that Morris, whose power was at the fift

aven Insect? I... I really have gotten a treasure..." The man with red hair was startled, but soon he got enraptured with the stroke of good fortune. He knew the Dark Heaven Eggs in the Dark Heaven Insect were rare treasures. The Dark Heaven Insect was an incredibly rare and elusive beast. Most spirit manipulators searched for it at the Gehenna Border for years with no luck whatsoever. He never thought that he would be so lucky to come across one by accident! He regarded it as the reward for his good moral standing all the time.

Of course, he didn't know that in fact the Dark Heaven Insect was lured to come out by the magical saliva carried with Uriah. Otherwise, it wouldn't have shown up.

Since the Dark Heaven Insect had now emerged, Uriah howled to inform Rocky. Its sound reverberated in the jungle.

"Ha-ha, I'm going to be rich." The man with red hair laughed uproariously. He sensed that the Dark Heaven Insect was just a third grade spiritual-manipulated beast of three-star level, whose power was only equivalent to that of a spirit manipulator at the Earthly Stage. With complete confidence in his power, he ran to attack the Dark Heaven Insect with his spirit-manipulated beast.

But the Dark Heaven Insect was only interested in the magical saliva. Seeing the man with red hair darting wildly towards it, getting in its way, the Dark Heaven Insect flew into a wild rage and let forth a roar filled with wrath and fury. Raising its black wings, it irritably lunged at him.

In harmony with his spirit-manipulated beast, the man with red hair quickly prevailed over the Dark Heaven Insect and suppressed it.

At this time, Rocky had quickly gone to Uriah and untied the bottle with the magical saliva from its leg. Once he had sealed it and put it away, he stood still, sneering and waiting for the great gift sent for him by the man with red hair.

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