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   Chapter 162 Mercenary

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"You people go too far. So you mean business?" Rocky grew serious when he saw that they made their moves. He knew he would not do anything that could reveal his identity. However, these spirit manipulators in green clothes were ready to attack, which surprised Rocky a little bit. They seemed to take their jobs of pretending assassins so seriously and Rocky thought it was such a waste of their talents to become spirit manipulators rather than actual actors.

"Please! Have mercy!" Rocky pleaded as he pretended to beg for his life. He took the three sealed envelopes and presented it to them. "Here! Take these. Just please spare my life." He then handed the envelopes to the two men.

One of the spirit manipulators wearing green clothes took the envelopes and said to the other, "I got them. Take care of him."

The other spirit manipulator in green clothes instantly closed in on Rocky.

Rocky immediately sensed that something was amiss. These guys were the real deal. The approaching spirit manipulator struck his palm towards Rocky with the force of the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage.

"Could they be..." Rocky realized that these two were not sent by Marin. Instead they were most likely to be the spirit manipulator scouts sent to the northeast military camp to intercept the information Rocky had on his hands. It looked he just bumped into these scouts who knew that he had the information. All hell would break loose if these three envelopes fell into the wrong hands.

Rocky threw a sinister look at them. As the other spirit manipulator got closer, Rocky unleashed all his power without any restraint. His once weak spiritual power spiked and reached the first grade of the Earthly Stage.

"You! How could you be so powerful!" The spirit manipulator coming towards him was completely astonished upon seeing the true strength of Rocky, so he immediately decided to forego his attack. However, it was a bit too late as Rocky's eyes glinted with murderous intent while his hands emitted a nebula-like light. Without a moment's notice, Rocky struck his palm out towards his opponent.

The spirit manipulator who was in the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage screamed as he was sent flying into the air. He then helplessly fell on t

se men were the spirit manipulators from the Timber Deity Empire.

"We are allies to those who can afford us. We do not care if he is a timber deity, a grass deity, or whatever status they may hold." The red-haired man sneered.

"So you must be mercenaries?" Rocky said. He heard that there were some ruthless spirit manipulators in the Gehenna Border and knew that they were usually hired by many countries for covert operations like assassination and sabotage. If he was right, someone must have paid these spirit manipulators. However, the only way that he could find out who hired them was through these men.

"You are indeed sly and cunning. However, as per my experience, the smart ones tend to die early. What's it going to be? Either you kill yourself, or we can do it for you. It's your call. However, let me remind you that if we do it for you, your family will barely have anything left to bury," the red-haired man said with a wicked smirk.

Rocky looked at these spirit manipulator mercenaries. He knew without a doubt that they were ruthless and would show no mercy. Given the strength of these men, they stood a small chance against Rocky and Uriah. However, Rocky was outnumbered. They also had spirit-manipulated beasts along with them, hence it would not be easy for Rocky to fight them head-on. It seemed that they would not let Rocky leave, so a battle was inevitable.

Rocky decided that even if he had to fight, he would pick a moment that was most advantageous for him.

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