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   Chapter 159 Report With Malicious Intent (Part One)

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At that time, Rocky did not know that he had attracted the attention of the two aggressive and smart women, Marin and her cousin Isis. He stayed in his own room as he minded his own business. He was busy squeezing the liquid out of the poison sac which he picked up from the Centipede-snake earlier. He was trying to transfer the extract into an empty jar.

As Rocky saw that a few drops of the thick poisonous liquid with a strange odor were slowly falling into the jar, he narrowed his eyes slightly and wondered, 'This time, not only did I fail to lure more Dark Heaven Insects, I also put myself in grave danger. It is more or less because of my ignorance and carelessness. I only thought that the magical saliva could attract the Dark Heaven Insect but I forgot to consider that other wild spirit-manipulated beasts may also be attracted by it. What a big mistake!

I always have to keep in mind—A fall into the pit, a gain in my wit. I could not afford to make such big mistakes again; otherwise, I might not be so lucky next time. If it wasn't for the two wild and mighty spirit-manipulated beasts who wanted to kill each other while I was in trouble, I would have been the one dead right now.'

Although he made a mistake, he also gained something valuable from the dangerous incident—some treasures from the corpses of the two wild spirit-manipulated beasts, including the Centipede-snake's venom and the one-eyed mammoth's alveolar bones. The Centipede-snake's venom was so deadly that it was able to paralyze the enormous and strong one-eyed mammoth without much trouble. So, he retrieved its poison sac and collected the venom from the sac. Bringing a little of the venom along with him would b

ly," Joss said in a hurry.

"Okay, I'll be there," Rocky said as he nodded and dismissed Joss. He then went back to his room to change out of his dirty robes. After asking Uriah to take care of Rubygon, he left his room and headed to the commander's camp.

It wasn't long before Rocky arrived at the commander's camp. As soon as he walked inside, he saw that it was already overcrowded. The captains of all the other five spirit manipulator squads including Evan, the two deputy commanders, and some of the deputy officers were all there. It could be said that almost the entire elite of the northeast military camp was able to gather at her command.

Apart from the disdainful glances cast upon him, he also noticed a peculiar gaze staring at him, as if there were something strange with him. When he tried to see who was staring at him strangely, he found that it was none other than Marin, the commander who ordered him to be at her camp!

However, Rocky also did not show any signs of weakness. He looked right into Marin's eyes as the corners of his mouth curled up a bit and made him look so careless, sloppy, and cynical.

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