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   Chapter 158 Secret Identity Arouses Curiosity

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Seeing that Isis persisted in asking, Marin had no choice but to tell her all the details of what had taken place.

"Are you kidding me?! You really mean to tell me that Rocky, a petty officer, who knows his limited strength, managed to distract the Dark Heaven Insect at the fifth-level of the Earthly Stage all by himself? Is he stupid? How bird-brained! Oh my God!" After listening to the dramatic narration, an odd look crossed Isis's face. She found it difficult to comprehend Rocky's weird behavior.

"But, you still shouldn't have awarded him the first-class military merit, though he has done something great. After all, he is not the one who killed the Dark Heaven Insect. He survived by successfully distracting the insect by chance! " Isis shifted the focus to her concern that the award to Rocky might lead to a flood of first-class merit awards and would make the awards depreciate.

"Indeed, I made that hasty award because I thought that he would not survive. To my surprise, he came back safe. I could not figure out how Rocky dodged the attack of the Dark Heaven Insect, and who really killed that monster," Marin expressed her confusion and helplessness, since she could not revoke Rocky's award. Taking back her decision would prejudice her prestige in the army.

"Marin, according to your description, it is true that this guy is a little strange, but, he should be very smart. Otherwise, he would have been totally obliterated by the Dark Heaven Insect." Isis seemed to grow more interested in this Rocky. His smarts made her more curious about who he was.

"That guy is not only strange, but also extremely annoying." Marin recounted Rocky's disrespectful attitude at the camp, seething with anger.

"Dear sister, I've never seen you hate a man so much. You are not yourself when you mention him." Isis was surprised at Marin's intense dislike of Rocky. Isis had grown up with Marin and knew her quite well. Marin was a forthright tomboy who, while being independent, was amiable and seldom disliked anyone with a passion. Marin acted like a flustered lady when talking about Rocky, though seething with anger. Her demeanor made Isis even more curious.

"I just don't like him. Besides, he seems to have a peculiar identity. So, my dear sister, could you please help investigate how Rocky was enlisted to the northeast military camp?" Marin suddenly requested.

If only Rocky knew that Marin was so resolute to investigate his identity, he would have felt worried and rather uncomfortable. After all, his ident


"Really?" Marin was stunned by the astonishing result.

"In the recruitment records for the past several months, there is only one new entry, which has been kept in strict confidentiality. What's even more confusing is that the entry has no details, not even the name. If Rocky is the only spirit manipulator recruited to the northeast military camp within the recent months, obviously the entry of recruitment belongs to him." Isis had never before come across an entry was treated with such strict secrecy. Even her father had no right to access the details of that entry. How strange!

"What?! Do you mean that…" Marin became more bewildered.

"If there is no error in the recruitment record, then the fact should be that Rocky's identity information is deliberately concealed for some reasons. And he must have a special identity or be related to some secrets. He is really peculiar," Isis said, rubbing her chin with her fingers.

"So, what is his identity? Why could it be hidden? He was never an outstanding manipulator and seems not to be a vicious guy." It was unimaginable for Marin that Rocky, a spirit manipulator who was at best at the second or third level of the Mortal Stage, had a top-secret identity.

"I don't know. I've never noticed that entry before. But, my father may know something about it. I will go ask him. Goodness, cousin. I've joined you in being so curious about him!" A short profound smile of curiosity flashed on Isis's enchanting face. Her curiosity seemed to be incurred by the unexpected mystery arising from the boring military camp.

Listening to Isis, Marin also showed curiosity and astonishment under her attractive appearance.

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