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   Chapter 157 A Stronger Backing

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In the meantime, not far away from the Gehenna Border, something was happening in the supreme headquarters of the Crimson Dragon Group in the Yi City.

A giant shadow loomed above the city. A war dragon with iridescent black-green scales slowly landed in the beast farm of the supreme headquarters. A familiar figure jumped off it. It was Marin. After she left the dragon with someone in charge of taking care of spiritual-manipulated beasts, she left the beast farm right away, unaccompanied.

Walking through several magnificent buildings, Marin finally came to a tasteful pavilion whose style was quite different from the other buildings surrounding it. It was special and unique, conspicuous among the other similar-looking structures around it.

"Greetings, Commander Marin," four female guards standing in front of the pavilion called in unison with great respect at the sight of her.

"Is the Deputy Commander in Chief in there?" Marin asked one of the female guards, nodding out of habit.

"Oh, she is resting now. Should I go inside to inform her of your arrival?" a female guard asked.

"You don't have to. I will go in directly." Marin waved her delicate hand. With that, she entered the pavilion with her cloak fluttering behind her.

The pavilion had two expansive floors. The decoration on the first floor was very elegant. Table and chairs made of fragrant timber were put in order along the walls; terracotta pots brimming with flowers were placed at the four corners. It was a tasteful and serene living space.

Marin proceeded to the second floor. It was full of gauze curtains that overlapped each other, the smell of incense pervading the air. Marin felt as if she was in a fairyland. At the end of the room, a white jade bed was placed aside, giving off purple smoke. On the bed, a female figure sat cross-legged. A vigorous aura of power of the spirit manipulator beyond the seventh level of the Heavenly Stage emanated from her form.

Before Marin could speak, the female figure quickly opened her beautiful eyes and parted her exquisite lips. She spoke gently, "Marin, why are you here?"

"Greetings, Deputy Commander in Chief." Marin immediately bowed to the female figure.

"Oh goodness. Have you forgotten what I told you? Don't call me that when we're alone! We are cousins for crying out loud. Don't be so stiff and formal! It's unusual and awkward," the lovely woman grumbled.

Few people knew that the Deputy Commander in Chief of the Crimson Dragon Group was the cousin of Marin, who was also the second in command of the Crimson Dragon Group.

"Alright, Isis." Marin winked with her beautiful eyes, a playful look on her face.

"Come in. Let me see you." Isis stood up from the white jade bed and pulled open the gauze curtains.

Her eyes were graceful and moving. Her gestures, expressions, and demeanor were so eye-catching and elegant. Distinctive and beautiful, her delicate oval face, like a masterpiece of supreme craftsmanship, made her look like a fairy descending to the earth and an elf dancing among flowers. All in all, she was such a dazzling beauty that made even the most delicate and charming flowers pale in comparison. Any man would be touched by her beau

did that?" Hearing Isis' words, Marin couldn't help but frown.

"Their names are not important. What's really matters is that once father sees the joint letter, they will be all doomed. But they're lucky. It just so happens that he's not in the Imperial City now. They never know that father shows more affection to you than to me." Isis responded with her smiling eyes.

"Isis, you must be kidding." Marin muttered with a little embarassment. But what Isis said was actually true. Lance, Marin's uncle, has treated her with great kindness since she had been a little girl. One of the most important reasons for his demeanor to her was that her father once saved his life. Without Marin's father, Lance wouldn't have achieved his status today. Therefore, when Marin's mother passed away, it was Lance that put forward to take her to their family.

"I'm just stating the truth. Let's get in back to the point, I keep the joint letter in secret in case that father will be enraged. What's more, I made a survey of it. I found that the cause of the joint letter is that you awarded a First-Class Merit Citation to a team leader who was just in the second to third level of the Mortal Stage. If I remember correctly, his name is Rocky. Marin, you must explain the whole story to me," Isis said. She found it rather strange that how such a powerless team leader was able to make an exception to get the First-Class Merit Citation. This developement was quite unique and rare. Isis knew her cousin well. Because Marin was definitely immune to bribery, Isis became more curious about why she had chosen to do such a thing.

Isis was growing more and more desperate to know the real reason. She believed that Marin must have her sufficient reasons to do so, but she still couldn't figure it out. After all, the First-Class Merit Citation was an important issue. Even in the supreme headquarters of the Crimson Dragon Group, many spirit manipulators beyond Earthly Stage hadn't been honored with this title at all! Isis couldn't understand why and how a low-end team leader of a small military camp could suddenly and quickly get in Marin's good graces.

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