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   Chapter 156 Rocky Feigns Innocence

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When Rocky and Uriah were almost at the edge of the mist-shrouded Death Forest, a giant shadow appeared in front of them. It appeared to belong to a gigantic beast. It moved so quickly the ground shook beneath it.

'Is the Dark Heaven Insect finally going to show itself?' Rocky thought to himself. He gazed into the distance and found a giant shadowy figure. A powerful aura coming from the beast instantly engulfed the forest.

"That's some intense aura," Rocky uttered to himself. He was astonished by how immensely he was feeling the beast's aura, considering it was still at a great distance from them. Rocky theorized this spirit-manipulated beast harnessed the same capabilities as a spirit manipulator above eighth grade of the Earthly Stage.

The giant shadowy figure slowly approached them. Rocky was preparing to catch himself a Dark Heaven Insect. Much to his dismay, it was not the kind of spirit-manipulated beast he was waiting for. It was some common wild spirit-manipulated beast. It was mammoth-like. It had a single eye, enormous mouth, and even larger legs. Rocky could tell it was a strong one, maybe a third-grade spirit manipulated beast of three stars.

"This must be the Cyclops Elephant. This war beast has high level of combat power, sometimes as high as four-star. It possesses strong physical strength and a strong tusk that can be used for offense. Who on earth thought a Cyclops Elephant would come?" Rocky hastily browsed the Beast Encyclopedia, looking for this certain spirit-manipulated beast. There were an unbelievably huge amount of information about this beast. Needless to say, Rocky was terrified out of his wits and started to panic. They were hunting for a Dark Heaven Insect in this insufferable Death Forest, but instead, they were given a one-eyed elephant to deal with. This beast was so powerful, his and Uriah's combined power would not suffice to kill it.

Rocky decided not to waste too much energy on this wild one-eyed beast; it was not what they went here for. He immediately took action. His body started gleaming brightly, and he was suddenly covered in multicolored light. In an instant, he release an enormous amount of spiritual power. He was preparing himself to fetch back the magical saliva used to lure the Dark Heaven Insect out.

All of a sudden, the ground below them started shaking forcefully. Rocky's eyes grew wide in disbelief as the slush of mud in the marsh began bubbling. It was not too far from the magical saliva. It was not long when the marsh slush got into a roaring boil.

Rocky was frozen on his tracks when he saw a huge beast emerge from the marsh. It was around ten meters long with two cobra-like heads, both flat and long. Its torso looked like that of a centipede's. It was as wide as a tree trunk. It also released a strong spiritual aura, similar to the one-eyed elephant's. Rocky's entire body was paralyzed by fear at the sight of this wild spirit-manipulated beast.

'When will I get a break? A single three-star beast would be enough to kill me. And now, there are two of them, ' Rocky thought to himself. He frantically browsed through the Beast Encyclopedia, hoping a

ut question. She still seemed reluctant, though.

"It is a wonder how easily you returned Rubygon to me," Rocky almost teasingly said, gazing intensely at Sue's eyes.

"Keep teasing and I might just steal Rubygon away from you. This time for good. You're still Rubygon's owner. I still have some moral ascendancy, you know," Sue replied. She had gotten so good at playing along with Rocky.

His lips curled up into a smile. He returned his attention to Jackson and asked for a jar. He rested for a while and headed back to the military camp with Uriah, carrying the Centipede-snake venom and a couple of one-eyed elephant's tusks.

Rocky stayed out all night that day. The following morning, Thor and Joss were found waiting by Rocky's doorstep. They almost went crazy worrying about their squad leader. Finally, Rocky arrived.

"Captain, where were you last night? Why didn't you return to your quarters?" Thor and Joss nagged. They were pestering Rocky as if they were his butlers.

"If you're not here to report anything of importance, you can leave," Rocky said, not answering any of their queries. He looked at Thor and Joss nonchalantly.

"Captain, the Commander asked us about you yesterday." Thor and Joss showed hesitation as they gave each other a worried look.

"In fact, she told us not to tell you. But we did anyways because we think you're in danger," Joss went on to say.

"What did she ask about me?" Rocky stopped and turned around to look at Thor and Joss.

"She asked us whether there was anything off with you and what were you busy with these days, something like that. She seemed to consider you a spy," Thor told Rocky bewildered.

"What did you tell her?" Rocky asked with a lifted brow. Rocky knew Marin to be difficult.

"We didn't say anything else. We just told her that you were in your room all the time, except for working hours," Thor and Joss answered. They answered as honestly as they could.

"Very well. From today on, if our Commander asks you anything about me, tell her to come to me. Any time!" Rocky ordered them as he headed inside his room.

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