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   Chapter 155 A Great Success

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6379

Updated: 2019-11-15 11:28

The spirit manipulators of the sixth squad all gathered in the village, anxiously waiting by the opening of the tunnel. All of them restlessly and painstakingly sat tight for Rocky's return. A piece of broken rope was casually lying beside them.

"Thor, is our captain dead?" one of the spirit manipulators asked.

"Stop talking nonsense. Our captain has escaped death before. He will be fine," Joss interjected.

"But it has been a while and he still hasn't come out," another spirit manipulator chimed in.

"Maybe there were more than one spirit-manipulated beast down there. "He must be in danger! If he weren't, the rope would have been still intact," someone added. All of a sudden, the entire group of spirit manipulators fell silent.

"Maybe it's true that..." Thor whispered to himself. He had grown sullen from the amount of time Rocky had spent underground. It was not impossible he had run across some danger.

"Captain! Why did you leave us?" The whole squad bawled in unison. They mourned like there was no tomorrow.

Despite the commotion, Uriah lied calmly on the ground. It disdainfully howled at how big of crybabies these cowards were.

"Oh, for goodness' sake, stop screaming." A familiar voice emerged from behind them.

"Am I going crazy? I think I just heard our captain's voice."

"I heard him too! Maybe he got lonely in the afterlife and wanted us to keep him company."

"Captain, please let us go. We will pray for your soul's repose. Just please don't hurt us!"

All the spirit manipulators were frightened upon hearing the voice of their squad leader, who they thought had already passed on. They were so terrified none of them was able to move.

"Now, all of you, please shut up and just please turn around!" The familiar voice roared again.

The spirit manipulators slowly turned around and found Rocky standing in front of them, safe and sound.


ard, he couldn't help but think why they had not crossed paths with a Dark Heaven Insect yet. Dark Heaven Insects fed on the nutrients from the soil. Finding them in places with abnormally barren soil should be easy.

The Death Forest was so much larger that Rocky thought it would be. They were not able to locate any doubtful point immediately after entering, and even during their journey inside, signs were scarce.

"Guess I'll have to try my luck right now," Rocky uttered to himself, as he took out a vial full of magical saliva from his bag.

The magical saliva, just like spiritual crystals and Dark Heaven Eggs, released a special kind of spiritual power. Dark Heaven Insects were drawn to the scent of this magical spit and would come scrambling towards it.

Rocky put the vial down by the swamp bank. He then hid behind a withered tree tens of meters away, waiting for the spirit-manipulated beasts to come.

The entire afternoon had passed.

The Death Forest grew more menacing as darkness befell it. The atmosphere grew gloomier and more frigid.

"Maybe this is no place to find a Dark Heaven Insect," Rocky blurted, disappointment clear in his voice. He had accepted defeat and was ready to leave when a loud booming sound came from far away.

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