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   Chapter 154 The Astonishing Exploration Plan

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In order to find the nest of the Dark Heaven Insect, one needed to first understand its living habits and what kind of environment was suitable for it, then speculated the possible area of its activity and then deduced a geographical location as per the learned aspects.

To understand its living conditions, there was no easier way than to directly explore its nest thoroughly. Whether there would be any danger in the exploration process or not was a completely different matter. It was how the saying went, "How can one obtain tiger cubs without entering the tiger's lair?" The deeper one wanted to reach, the more risk they had to take. Rocky had a similar thought in his mind. He was determined, and had come to the village to find the nest.

As the spirit manipulators of his squad were digging the pit diligently, a wicked smile curled up on the corners of his mouth. Obviously, he had lured them successfully. Relaxed, he sat cross-legged and closed his eyes.

An hour later, the collapsed entrance of the Dark Heaven Insect's cave was dug up completely, revealing a deep black hole, which was a few meters wide. They were all curious about what kind of treasures were hidden inside the cave.

"Didn't the captain tell us some treasures are hidden here? Where do you think are the treasures? After we have been digging the pit for so long, all we have found is a hole!"

"Yes, he did tell us. I'm so tired. I can't see any treasure here."

"You're so stupid! Do you think treasures can be found that easily? They must be hidden somewhere deeper..."

The spirit manipulators who'd been digging were exhausted now. Their foreheads were sweaty, their breath fast. They had now started to complain about the amount of energy they were spending for the treasures their captain thought existed somewhere in its depths.

When Rocky saw the hole leading to the Dark Heaven Insect's nest was dug out, he got up, crouched and peered into its pitch-black, seemingly bottomless depth. He then picked up a stone and dropped it into it, listening carefully.

It took a while before he heard multiple faint sounds, as though the stone had met with many obstacles before hitting the bottom. Rocky could tell that the terrain was tapering and deep.

"I estimate the depth of the hole is over 30 meters." Rocky fr

hour, Rocky had a pretty strong understanding of the environments and habits of the Dark Heaven Insect.

"But how will I get out of here?" Rocky murmured under his breath. He looked up toward the exit of the cave, which was at least ten meters above him.

"Captain… Are you all right? How did the rope tear?" someone yelled into the cave from the top. Rocky could only hear a faint cry from above, unable to make out the words exactly. He knew Thor and other members of the squad had found that he wasn't tied to the rope anymore. They were crying, thinking something bad had happened to him.

He knew he could not rely on his squad members to get out of the cave, so he turned around and started to look for another way. A spirit-manipulated beast like the Dark Heaven Insect would definitely need to take walks from time to time. Rocky was sure there was another way out of the cave.

As he had guessed, he soon found the way. The path was almost vertical, with a very smooth surface. It was very difficult for him to climb it. Somehow, he managed to find a solution. As he climbed up, he started scooping the wall with his sharp Frozen Wind Dagger which could easily pierce through the stone. In this way, he planted his feet in the scoops and easily climbed up. After some time, he got out of the cave.

Once up, he shook the soil off his body. Meanwhile, he saw the village that had been attacked earlier wasn't very far from where he was. No one could have thought the nest of the Dark Heaven Insect was right under the village.

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