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   Chapter 153 Searching For The Treasures

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Now that Rocky had found the odd red light in his spiritual flame, he used his skills to try and separate the red light from it. Hours had passed by, and sweat was trickling down his face as he tried to separate it in vain. It seemed that the red light was completely fused with his spiritual flame. He couldn't separate it or manipulate it, no matter how hard he tried. His failure to separate the red light also meant that he was currently unable to use the spiritual power of the red light, which represented the nature of Fire.

"It seems that without the power of the Holy Dragon Bead, it is impossible to manipulate the power of the red light. It can be only manipulated by the dragon spiritual power," Rocky murmured to himself. Yet, he was unwilling to give up so easily. He concentrated long and hard and began to try other ways to do it. Yet, after making several attempts, he was still unable to separate the red light from his spiritual flame. Rocky knew he had to give up trying for now as he had a more pressing matter to deal with at that moment. So, he put it aside and then continued to absorb the spiritual power of the Dark Heaven Egg at the medium grade.

He kept absorbing such spiritual power for about a whole night. He concentrated on absorbing the spiritual power and he could feel it flowing through his veins.

The sky was still gray and the sun hadn't risen yet when a nebula light bright like a yellow jewel began to shine abruptly. It came inside the col where Rocky was hiding for his secret cultivation. The streams of its halo which were like ripples on the lake spread around the area. Meanwhile, countless sand and stones were floating around and continued to revolve around slowly under the influence of the spreading nebulae light.

The next second, within the nebulae light, Rocky opened his eyes abruptly. His eyes turned sharp and fierce. His heartbeat quickened and his whole body pulsed with power.

Boom, boom, boom...

The moment Rocky opened his eyes, the sand and stones floating in the air exploded like they were out of control. Immediately, the sand fog was spreading all over the sky. Afterwards, the light of the nebulae continued to fade slowly, and the breath of a spirit manipulator at the second grade of the Earthly Stage appeared in an instant. Through the help of the spiritual power of the Dark Heaven Egg and a night's hard practice, he finally finished his cultivation and reached the second grade of the Earthly Stage.

"This Dark Heaven Egg is really awesome!" Rocky exclaimed. He could feel the energy coursing through his veins. Despite his excitement, he soon regulated his breathing and calmed his body so that nobody would find out his real strength. After composing himself, he jumped out of the rock where he was sitting.

Uriah, Rocky's war beast, was lying aside to take care of Rubygon. It sensed that its master had made a breakthrough in his strength and immediately roared excitedly, "Howl!" Even Uriah was excited that Rocky had made such progress.

'Unexpectedly, a Dark Heaven Egg at the medium grade could offer me quite enough spiritual power that I needed to reach the second grade of the Earthly Stage. But now there's

ead of answering Joss's question, Rocky went straight to the entrance of the Dark Heaven Insect's cave which he had discovered yesterday. Because the ground formation of the village was relatively soft, the entrance had completely collapsed and was filled with sand and stone. Now, only a large pit was in view.

"Start digging from here," Rocky said to the sixth squad's spirit manipulators while pointing to the large pit.

The sixth squad's spirit manipulators looked at Rocky in confusion. They were all at a loss as to why they should dig there.

"Captain, what are we going to do?" Thor and Joss couldn't help but ask.

"There are treasures down there, and whoever dug them can have them," Rocky said nonchalantly.

As soon as they heard their captain's words, they got very excited and began to exclaim one after another.

"Captain, are there really treasures down here?"

"If there are treasures down here, I'll become rich if I can find one."

"Captain, you are really nice and generous by taking us here to share the treasures."

They chattered in delight and gratitude. Soon, the other spirit manipulators jumped into the pit and dug up crazily with the spades they brought with them. They dug so fast as if they would run out of treasures if they didn't find it soon. The thought of treasures gave them the strength and the motivation they did not know they had. Thor and Joss thought it was a little strange but they also jumped into the pit and began to dig for treasures. Rocky had always been mysterious from the very start. This was just one of many of his odd orders.

Of course, they wouldn't find any treasures below the pit. Rocky only used the treasures as the bait to lure them into doing free labor. He knew he couldn't do it by himself even if he tried.

When Rocky saw the Dark Heaven Insect got out from the underground again yesterday, he guessed that it planned to go back to its nest. From what he gathered, he believed that under the pit, there must be an access to the Dark Heaven Insect's nest.

His goal was to go to the Dark Heaven Insect's nest to explore its every nook and cranny.

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