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   Chapter 152 Cultivation

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Afterwards, Rocky put half of a droplet of the magical saliva into a bowl of hot water. The shining droplet was dissolved into the hot water causing the steaming hot water to shine as if there were countless pearls within it. Both Jackson and Sue were mesmerized by this scene as they had never seen anything like it.

"Sue, do you have a handkerchief with you?" Rocky turned to Sue and asked.

Sue nodded and took out a clean handkerchief and passed it to Rocky.

Rocky took Sue's handkerchief and dipped it in the hot water for a second. He then began to wipe Jackson's bruises with it. After rubbing it for a couple of times, the bruises gradually disappeared until they were fully healed. Even his wounds were gone.

"Rocky, that is amazing. What kind of elixir did you use?" Both Jackson and Sue were stunned by its miracle-like healing power.

"Sue, please find me a clean bottle so I could store this diluted magical saliva and seal it carefully. I believe that it could still be useful when it comes to some minor diseases or injuries." Rocky handed the bowl of hot water to Sue and gave instruction to store it carefully.

Moments later, Sue took the bottle of diluted magical saliva and walked into her room as she held it in her hands carefully like a treasure.

"Jackson, your flesh wounds are healed. However, it would still take some time for your bones to recover. Old saying has it that it takes at least a hundred days for wounds on the bones and tendons to fully heal. Despite its amazing healing power, please take enough rest and refrain yourself from moving too much." Rocky reminded Jackson. Magical as this saliva was, it was nothing compared to those from a dragon and it was diluted with hot water which made it less potent.

"I completely understand. Thank you so much, Rocky! You are a good man." Jackson thanked him with genuine gratitude as he saw him constantly reminding him to be conscious of his actions. He was deeply touched by Rocky's concern.

Rocky nodded coldly as an acknowledgement of his gratitude. Seeing that Jackson was on his way to getting better, Rocky bade farewell before departing with Rubygon and Uriah.

In a desolated and well-concealed valley not far away from the east of the village, there was a loud explosion.


There were a couple of big chunks of rocks laid in a circle and one of them was crushed into pieces in an instant by an incoming fireball causing debris to spread all over the place. The remains of the stone turned all smoky while the debris left by it was still hot.

"Uriah, let's do it again," said Rocky who was hunkering down on a rock with Rubygon in his hands. He checked his surroundings carefully before urging Uriah to launch another fireball attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Explosions took place one after the other, the sound of which continued to reverberate in the valley for a

had its stars shining right then and there. At that moment, the Dark Heaven Egg that used to be hard suddenly started to melt in his palm like it was being grilled by fire. It turned into drops of Dark Heaven Liquid that seeped into Rocky's body through his palm.

Every time a drop of it seeped into his palm, Rocky felt a strand of strong spiritual power entering his body as if they were swimming in his major arteries like tadpoles before they gradually fused with his own spiritual power.

With the merging of the spiritual power from the Dark Heaven Egg and his own, the spiritual flame inside Rocky's body began to transform. The strands of red in his spiritual flame that was once unnoticeable shone a lot brighter than it ever did.

'That is strange. Where did this light of fire in my spiritual flame come from?' Rocky noticed the change in his spiritual flame while absorbing the Dark Heaven Egg. He was a bit confused about it.

It turned out that when Marcia sealed off Rocky's power from the Holy Dragon Bead, because she still needed to leave Rocky with some power, she chose to leave his original spiritual flame that produced spiritual power for him. Even before the sealing of his power, there had been some changes gradually taking place in his spiritual flame. This meant that the strands of red light were preserved along with the spiritual flame. It had always been weak so it had remained unnoticed until now.

Now that Rocky just received the spiritual power from the middle grade Dark Heaven Egg, the red flame along with the rest of his spiritual flame was significantly strengthened making them shine brighter than ever before. It was just a matter of time before it was discovered by him.

However, the red flame normally represented the dragon spiritual power of fire, which was a power possessed only by royal spirit manipulators. So in the end, it was still a bit strange for him.

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