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   Chapter 151 An Amazing Plan

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Everyone in the northeast military camp was celebrating Rocky's magnificent return. During all the festivities, Rocky managed to slide out of everyone's eyesight and went to a secluded part of the camp. He snuck out to join Uriah who was patiently waiting by the exit of the military camp.

"Let's go, boy. We'll have to pick Rubygon up and find a suitable place for the both of you to exercise your newfound abilities." Rocky waved at Uriah, and the spirit-manipulated beast instantly knew what he meant. Rocky then, in tandem with the beast, sneaked off towards the village to the east of the military camp.

It was not long until they arrived at the east village. The villagers looked at Rocky and Uriah for a brief second, and went on with their lives. Their arrival looked like something that happened to them usually with how casual the villagers were with them.

Rocky and Uriah made their way to the sheepfold near Jackson's house. The sight of Sue holding Rubygon as the latter drank goat's milk welcomed them. Her beautiful face was filled with concentration as she watched the beast drink; she did not even notice Rocky arrived. Her side profile was as gentle and as delicate as carved jade. 'She'll grow up to be a beautiful woman, ' Rocky thought to himself.

"Ow ow!" It was at this exact moment when Uriah let out a cry, as if to get the attention of people around them. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere was suddenly disrupted, and Rocky was suddenly awoken from his daydream.

Sue turned to where the noise came from, and there she found Rocky standing outside the sheepfold. He was looking straight at her. Her cold and unsmiling demeanor somehow made her feel weird, in a good way. She couldn't help but blush.

"What are you looking at?" Sue stared back at Rocky with her beautiful eyes, somehow annoyed at the way Rocky was glaring at her.

"I've come to pick up Rubygon," Rocky answered. His eyes darted to Sue's arms where Rubygon was cradled.

"Rubygon who? I haven't heard anyone with that name before. You're definitely at the wrong place. Go find it somewhere else." Upon hearing Rocky's words, Sue tensed up and held Rubygon closer in her arms. She turned her back from him.

When Rocky finally picked up that Sue actually wanted to keep Rubygon, he was undeniably disheartened. It would seem like Sue developed a liking for Rubygon.

"Sue, don't be ridiculous," Jackson blurted as he limped out from the room. He seemed to have injured his foot.

"Jackson, is your foot hurt?" Rocky immediately asked upon seeing him.

Sue answered with anguish, "This is because you—" But she was cut off by Jackson before she could even finish her sentence.

"I'm fine. I was coming home from herding sheep when I had a little accident and sprained my foot. I'll be fine after taking a two days' rest," Jackson promptly assured Rocky. He waved his hand dismissively but he got to come up with a reasona

u have to promise me that you're letting this trivial matter go. Going up against them will lead to no good."

Rocky saw the sincerity in Jackson's plea. He blinked a few times and something baneful flashed behind his eyes. "If they come again to bother you, tell them I won't let them get away easily," Rocky told Jackson.

The older man was rendered speechless with what Rocky just uttered. He nodded in agreement as a smile formed in his face.

Sue had just returned from fetching hot water. She entered the room and handed the basin to Rocky.

Rocky took the basin of hot water and brought out a bottle from his silk bag. This bottle contained the magical saliva he extracted from Uriah. This magical spit suddenly reminded him of the Dark Heaven Insect he had just slain. When they arrived at the village, the Dark Heaven Insect seemed to have burrowed underground. But when Rocky accidentally dropped the bottle of magical saliva, the spirit-manipulated beast crawled out of its underground cave and resurfaced. It seemed to be attracted to Uriah's spit.

'It's said in the Beast Encyclopedia that Dark Heaven Insect lives deep underground. It only climbs out to the surface once every few years. They would sometimes last a decade without resurfacing. Countless spirit manipulators tried every possible means to draw Dark Heaven Insects out of their burrows, but none of them had succeeded. They had tried luring the spirit-manipulated beast with its favorite spiritual crystal, but it still felt short seducing Dark Heaven Insect up to the surface. It was common knowledge Dark Heaven Insects to be extremely difficult to catch. But the magical saliva could attract the Dark Heaven Insect. Maybe luring it out of its underground cave would not be too hard to do...' Rocky could not believe he had just formulated such a brilliant strategy in catching a Dark Heaven Insect. His eyes sparkled as he imagined how his amazing plan would pan out.

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