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   Chapter 150 Safe Return

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"Commander, I think granting the second class award to sixth squad would be unfair." Evan respectfully disagreed.

"I see. What do you suggest then, Evan?" Marin asked nonchalantly, turning towards Evan. She had always been repulsed by Evan's arrogance. She just had to let it go mostly because Evan came from a very influential family. Meanwhile, he was considered an elite in the northeast military camp. Despite letting things slide all the time, Marin was not going let Evan get his way this time and stand her way.

Evan hesitated for a second when he saw a faint annoyance in Marin's eyes. However, he still continued and voiced out his opinion. "I do not understand why you would want to grant the second class award to Rocky posthumously and the rest of the sixth squad. Rocky did not kill that spirit-manipulated beast. It was the other way around: he was killed by it. There is no merit there. If the Commander intends to grant Rocky and the sixth squad such an award, the entire military camp would lose its esteem towards the institution."

"Commander, I think Evan is right."

"A third class award is more than enough for the sixth squad."

"Please Commander! Please retract the award."

Evan was backed up by the leaders of the other squads.

Marin was not having it, and her face showed it. "Did none of you hear what I just said? Had Rocky not lured the beast away, the spirit-manipulated beast would have attacked and ruined other villages. That spirit-manipulated beast could have caused more casualties, but it did not. And that's all thanks to Rocky, who lost his life during that battle. Let me remind you of our duty. The northeast military camp stands not only to safeguard our border. We are here to protect civilians in the border region. We must prevent any kind of danger that might befall them so they can live in peace and prosperity. Now that Rocky is dead, a second class award is of no value to him. If for some miracle he survived this, I might have granted him a first class award instead. An action that heroic deserves so much more recognition."

Her words reached everyone in the northeast military camp and they took it deeply in their hearts. Soon enough, everyone was buzzing about how heroic Rocky's actions were.

Thor and Joss regretfully sighed, 'If only our squad leader returned alive, all of us in the sixth squad would have been granted the first class award.' All of them were aware of how painfully average their group was, so being granted a first class award was something they had never imagined to achieve.

Marin's words were mainly directed to Evan, a hit on his arrogance. He had always felt superior to his peers. His skill level and the squad he be

ed, "Supply escort mission accomplished, Sir! If there is nothing else needed of me, I would like to excuse myself and head in for some rest." He took off right in front of everyone like it was not a big deal. Everyone was left in awe.

"Commander, our squad leader just made it back. About the first class award you promised...." Thor and Joss witnessed how coolly their squad leader just left. It made them think of the promise Marin just made. They made their way to the commander and curtly asked.

Marin was caught off guard when asked of the promise. She had never thought Rocky could survive such an attack and make it back alive. She promised the first class promotion knowing full well there was no possibility Rocky could have been alive. She just said it to irritate Evan. No one expected this.

But what was said cannot be unsaid.

"Commander?" Deputy Commander Chen looked at Marin, curious as to wonder how the commander would handle everything that just happened.

"I meant every word I said. Deputy Commander Chen, make an announcement for the entire army to hear. Let it be known that the sixth squad is honoured with third-class merit for apprehending the Three Powers at the Gahanna Border. Their squad leader, Rocky, also risked his life luring a powerful spirit-manipulated beast away from a village, and protected multiple civilians. On top of everything, he managed to come back alive. He is honoured with first-class merit for his heroic action," Marin calmly ordered.

An uproar instantly broke out in the entire northeast military camp.

Rocky made history. He was the first one lower than a third grade of the Mortal Stage from the northeast military camp honoured with first-class merit. All of this happened during his first month commanding a spirit manipulators squad.

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