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   Chapter 149 Excelled, Yet Again

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The Dark Heaven Insect was able to breed a kind of treasure that could adapt itself accommodating for the need to upgrade the spiritual power of the spirit manipulator. While in this vast Wild Spirit Land, such spirit-manipulated beasts were extremely precious and rare in species. It was said that they amounted to less than ten species. Compared to them, the Dark Heaven Insect was massive. For other species of the spirit-manipulated beast of its kind, these quantities were peculiarly uncommon. Although, those rarer species could breed treasure, as the Dark Heaven Insect were the most wanted creatures. In order to upgrade their power, spirit manipulators of Supernal Stage often wandered around the Wild Spirit Land to capture similar spirit-manipulated beasts which could breed treasure. It was certain that the Wild Spirit Land was a boundless realm and the rare spirit-manipulated beast lived in the darker recesses or in the more dangerous parts of it. The opportunity to catch these insects was mostly negligible, but the search in the wilderness of the Wild Spirit Land continued irrespectively. After all, their power could be manifested once captured. Who would not want to fight for that?

'What a pity! I should not have killed it. Had I known the Dark Heaven Insect was such a golden species, I would have captured it alive. It could have elevated my powers to a higher level.' Rocky regretted his haste actions after discovering the possibilities. He knew he couldn't bring it back to life. It was too late. This couldn't have been undone. Somehow, he managed to acquire two medium-level Black Heaven Eggs from the dead Black Heaven Insect. These two medium-level eggs served as a major catalyst for the elevation of his powers at this stage. Rocky was content. After all, half a loaf is better than none.

On the other hand, Marin and the deputy commander stared at the body of the Black Heaven Insect with the same regretful face. Although, it was a good news that the culprit which ruined the village was annihilated, yet the better outcome was that the insect would've been captured alive. If only they had reached sooner...

"The base camp of the Crimson Dragon Group, thanks to the good timing and the advantageous position of the camp, only keeps two Dark Heaven Insects of this species. Even if it is in the royal Palace City, there are only four to five insects of this kind that were caught alive. Which spirit manipulator blindly murdered such a rare spirit-manipulated beast? Such a reckless waste of godsend treasure!" Deputy Commander Chen sighed as he shook his head in disapproval. The culprit's justification could not make the remorse go away. After all, the Black Heaven Insect was a spirit-manipulated beast that one could not have asked for.

"Deputy Commander Chen, did you see Captain Rocky anywhere on the way here?" Marin inquired the moment she noticed.

"I did not. Neither did you, Commander?" Deputy Commander Chen shook his head in silence. They hadn't seen Rocky anywhere on their route. When they saw the Dark Heaven Insect in front of them, an unpleasant thought suddenly crossed his mind. He real

sed away before he could be thanked and rewarded.

"Is the death of that kind of a lowly screwball worth our sorrow?" Evan sneered at the distressed team members of the sixth unit.

"Even though, he did not survive the crisis, he did manage to handle it properly. He prevented that spirit-manipulated beast from causing more destruction. Therefore, I shall confer a Second-class Honor to the sixth unit and the deceased, Captain Rocky." Marin's sudden announcement surprised all the people there.

Suddenly, the entire military camp seemed to be warmed up by her words.

Three other units which had not received the mission were also stationed here at the military camp. Their team leaders, including Evan, were astonished as they heard Marin's announcement.

Those petty leaders thought it was a sheer dumb luck for the sixth unit to capture the Three Powers at the Gehenna Border. On top of this, Marin conferred a Second-class Honor to the sixth unit purely because Rocky died. This made it even harder for them to accept reality. A Second-class Honor was only conferred to a perfect execution of a fairly dangerous, important mission.

Not to mention the fact that the sixth unit had never received any award before. Among the other five spirit manipulator units of the northeastern military camp, only the first unit had been awarded one First-class Honor and one Third-class Honor. Among the remaining units, only one of them had received two Second-class Honors. For other units, there was only one opportunity to receive the Second-class Honor once.

Also, from all the military guarded area at the Gehenna Border of the Holy Dragon Empire, the location of the northeastern military camp was a relatively peaceful one. So, there were fewer chances for them to execute crucial missions of pretty danger. The first unit was only rewarded with a Third-class Honor when they killed a spirit-manipulated beast of Earthly Stage rioting last time.

As a result, other units were definitely unwilling to accept Marin's decision to confer a Second-class Honor to the sixth unit and Rocky.

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