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   Chapter 148 Bonanza

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Boom! A fireball landed on the spirit-manipulated beast's lower abdomen. The fireball hit the spirit-manipulated beast so hard the dagger went through its armored body, and out again in the open air. And with a hole in its torso, the spirit-manipulated fell down the ground. Another roaring sound was made as his body hit the ground.

"Uriah!" Rocky was surprised by the level of Uriah's abilities. He had never seen Uriah use such skills. These special skills were only used by spiritual beasts. Uriah seemed to have develop new fire controlling abilities, in additional to his capability to produce magical saliva.

'Could Uriah actually be a spiritual beast? It's probable it's still a juvenile one.' Rocky speculated. It was unsure whether Uriah was a war beast or a spiritual beast. His skill of producing magical saliva was not helpful in determining his kind because such ability was also displayed by war beasts but there were some cases that war beasts possessed such power. However, it was under extreme circumstance that Uriah developed a new ability. No war beasts had more than two special skills, so these skills must be innate to Uriah. Uriah was a spiritual beast, there was no doubt about that. His powers had not been fully realized yet, and so far, there were only two skills learned.

While Rocky was still trying to decide which category Uriah belonged to, the fallen armored spirit-manipulated beast let out a pained shriek. It rolled over on its belly and died covered in its own blood that came from the hole in its body bored by Uriah.

Uriah howled in excitement as it witnessed the fall of the spirit-manipulated beast it just defeated. It ran eagerly towards Rocky, jumping around as if waiting for a reward from its master.

"That was amazing, buddy!" Rocky lovingly held Uriah's body and petted its head affectionately. He'd most likely be dead if not for Uriah. He just realized how embarrassing he must have looked. His clothes were torn to pieces during the battle earlier. He barely had any energy left to walk.

And as if on cue, Uriah turned back to the body of the armored spirit-manipulated beast it just defeated, as if it saw something. It made its way back to the corpse and jumped on top of it. With its claws, Uriah dug through the dead beast's wound and searched for something for a while. When it finally found what it was looking for, it came back running to Rocky's side.

When Rocky noticed this, he followed Uriah back to the fallen armored spirit-manipulated beast and inspected it. From the body shot out two black beams of light. The light was coming out of the beast's wound and a strong spiritual aura followed it.

"What the hell is this?" Rocky thought out loud. He crouched beside it to take a better look. As he looked closer, he noticed that the two slivers of light came from two oval worm eggs. Each egg was around half the size of a palm. Rocky could sense the spiritual aura leaking out of the eggs. This entire thing in front of them was rather strange.

Rocky curiously picked up the eggs. He examined the two closely in his palms. They were hard,

rystals were used to boost the strength of a spirit-manipulated beast. On the other hand, Dark Heaven Eggs were used by spirit manipulators to enhance their spiritual powers.

The Dark Heaven Insect also fell into categories: three-star being the highest level. Dark Heaven Eggs were also classified by levels corresponding to their host's rank. A first-grade Dark Heaven Insect of three-star level could produce a primary-grade Dark Heaven Egg while a second-grade Dark Heaven Insect of such a level could make a middle-grade Dark Heaven Egg. Advanced-grade Dark Heaven Egg, which was the most powerful, could only come from a third-grade Dark Heaven Insect of three-star level. An advanced-grade Dark Heaven Egg could raise a spirit manipulator's level from the Heavenly Stage to the Supernal Stage. Having one in hand would obviously be a game-changer for a spirit manipulator with a skill level between the Heavenly Stage and the Supernal Stage. If a spirit manipulator were to catch a Dark Heaven Insect alive and domesticate it, they would have an endless supply of Dark Heaven Eggs. Having such thing would result to a possibility of an ever-evolving prowess.

However, Dark Heaven Insects normally lived in underground burrows dozens of meters below. This was mainly the reason they were difficult to spot. Even spirit manipulators above the Supernal Stage wanted to get ahold of one. Numerous elite spirit manipulators spent majority of their lives waiting to see a Dark Heaven Insect in flesh, let alone catch one alive. The Dark Heaven Insect was also one of the rarest species of spirit-manipulated beasts. There were less than a hundred of them in the entire Wild Spirit Land. The royals that belonged to the Holy Dragon Empire were reported to own only a couple of them. The Gahanna Border that boasted unique geological properties was one of the places suitable for Dark Heaven Insect to live in, but no more than twenty were recorded in the region. With their rarity, the Dark Heaven Insects were considered the most valuable of all the spirit-manipulated beasts.

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