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   Chapter 147 Fight Shoulder By Shoulder

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Rocky, with Uriah by his side, was fighting vehemently against a huge wild beast. Coming from the other side of the wild place were Marin and other spirit manipulators. They came with an intention of lending Rocky a hand with this certain battle.

'Shit! This is one thick-skinned beast. Even my treasured dagger could barely inflict damage. Such a beautiful dagger from the beautiful General Marcia. It could be one of those pesky armored spirit-manipulated beasts, ' Rocky thought to himself. After fighting against the armored spirit-manipulated beast several times, Rocky felt a little tired and stepped a few paces back to analyze the battlefield. With the Frozen Wind Dagger on one hand, he breathlessly formulated a strategy. As he has doing this, Uriah diverted the armored spirit-manipulated beast's attention from its master. It was able to restrain the wild beast from attacking Rocky.

This certain armored spirit-manipulated beast was of the second grade of three-star level. Its capabilities were at par with a spirit manipulator on the fifth grade of the Earthly Stage. Its defensive capabilities were superior to its offense capabilities. Its iron armor made it difficult to inflict damage. The Frozen Wind Dagger was made of an ancient dragon bone. Even when combined with spiritual power, it was still ineffective against the beast's armor. Rocky knew for a fact that he was not strong enough to defeat this armored wild spirit-manipulated beast. If he were on the fourth grade of the Earthly Stage, however, he could have gotten through its armor with the Frozen Wind Dagger.

He could not defeat this beast in a face-to-face combat. He could only defeat it by using his wits and a strategy. He quickly analyzed the battlefield and tried not to miss any detail. Every creature had a weakness, and Rocky was sure of that. This includes humans, animals, and even these spirit-manipulated beasts. It did not make sense for it to have a perfect anatomy. For humans, it was the spine. It was one of the most vital parts of the body, but it could be a weakness. Once one's spine was damaged, they would have been rendered paralyzed. Being paralyzed meant one could no longer be of use, much like a fallen building that had turned into a heap of ruins. Once Rocky found this armored spirit-manipulated beast's Achilles' heel, the fight would be decided. He could finish this battle in a snap of a finger.

While Rocky was devising a plan to victory, Uriah was taking care of this armored spirit-manipulated beast. Uriah possessed a brilliant amount of strength. It was unable to damage the armored beast, but


Rocky poured all his spiritual power into the Frozen Wind Dagger. His spiritual power gave the dagger a boost of potential. The hole that was on the beast's underbelly expanded, and a cyan liquid which smelled like rotten fish started gushing out of it.

The armored spirit-manipulated beast screamed and howled in anguish. It grew even more furious, throwing Uriah tens of meters away as it threw a fit.

The armored beast inevitably stood up and started swinging its body in all directions. The Frozen Wind Dagger was stuck so deeply that Rocky was not able to take it out of its belly. He recklessly threw himself off the beast as it rose.

Rocky shrunk in comparison to the armored spirit-manipulated beast. It was like David and Goliath when it stood up.

The armored spirit-manipulated beast had gone berserk. Its temper worsened as it noticed Rocky falling off its body. It dropped its body in an attempt to crush Rocky.

Rocky grew more and more horrified as its enormous body loomed on him. The weight of this armored spirit-manipulated beast must at least be a few tons. If it were to drop on him, he'd most definitely be crushed flat. He should run. He knew he should run. But he had spent the entirety of his spiritual power in stabbing the armored spirit-manipulated beast. He simply did not have enough juice in him to run away. He was in grave danger.

He was about to be trampled on the beast's body when Uriah sensed its master was in danger. It was many meters away from its master. In a panicked craze, Uriah intertwined its two flaming tails and produced a sole bigger flame. It took aim and shot the fire ball directly at its target: the armored spirit-manipulated beast that was about to squash its master.

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