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   Chapter 146 He Is A Hero

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Marin grew stern and left the camp of the commander with Deputy Commander Chen trailing behind. The other squad leaders followed her, curious to see how this would go.

She saw the spirit manipulators of the sixth squad after she exited the camp. They were standing not too far away, perspiring and panting. They all looked unsettled and covered in dirt, as if they had been caught off guard by a sneak attack. She frowned at this scene. Naturally, she believed that the sixth squad had run into some kind of situation and the mission had failed. She walked towards them briskly with this assumption in mind.

The spirit manipulators of the sixth squad, led by Thor and Joss, greeted Marin with great respect, even though they were still trying to catch their breaths. "Greetings! Commander!"

"Where is your squad leader?" Marin asked harshly as Rocky was nowhere to be seen. She stared with disdain at the spirit manipulators of the sixth squad.

"Commander..." Just as Thor was about to report the situation, a voice brimming with scorn rang out. "There is no need to ask! Psh! Their mission has obviously failed, so their squad leader deserted for fear of being held accountable! What a useless bunch!" It was Evan, who was clearly trying to add more fuel to the situation.

The other squad leaders echoed Evan's comments. They started to discuss among themselves, standing pompously in front of the sixth squad.

Many soldiers and spirit manipulators also pointed at the members of the sixth squad and laughed at them. They all thought that the men of the sixth squad were all out of luck when the position of their leader got assigned to Rocky.

"Nonsense! Our squad leader is a hero! Fine, let me show you what we have here!" Thor was infuriated by these words of humiliation and shouted. He could not stand Rocky being defamed by these men for a second more, so he immediately waved at the other spirit-manipulators in their squad.

His companions immediately lifted the Three Powers at the Gehenna Border, who had been all tied up, and threw them on the ground in front of everyone.

They looked afraid instantly when they saw Marin, knowing fully well that this might well be the e

e is still okay. I'm terribly worried," Joss told them anxiously, remembering why they had come here in the first place.

Everyone looked even more surprised. That wild spirit-manipulated beast was more powerful than the last one, which indicated a higher power level than the Earthly Stage. And Rocky dared to draw it away all by himself. His actions were tantamount to suicide!

"What? You waited until now to tell me this? How long do you think he can keep it at bay? How irresponsible!" Marin grew solemn again and shouted at them harshly.

"It was because you are questioning the loyalty and commitment of our squad leader!" Thor and Joss retorted, staring at Evan and the others.

"Fine! Sixth squad, you stand by at the camp. The rest can wait after I bring your squad leader back." Marin turned to her Deputy Commander. "I am heading there to give Rocky some back-up first. You have someone to lock them up and then take two spirit manipulators squads and head there." She then used her spiritual power and turned into a shadow.

Moments later, a war dragon with the color of dark green flew over above the northeast military camp. Everyone looked up to the sky, admiring Marin who was riding that the magnificent beast.

Deputy Commander Chen then ordered his men to take away the Three Powers at the Gehenna Border and lock them up. He then summoned two spirit manipulator squads along with hundreds of soldiers and commanded them to follow Marin.

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