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   Chapter 143 Windfall

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"Hey, you three stupid beasts, what're you waiting for!? Are you out of your mind?" the bald man swore angrily, seeing their three spirit-manipulated beasts recoil at the roar of the strange creature that accompanied this weakling manipulator.

Uriah was no longer squatting. Instead, it stood up and continued to move forward. Although it walked slowly, it gave off the aura of a master beast, imposing and fierce. And whenever it took a step, the three spirit-manipulated beasts grew even more fearful, and immediately stepped back.

Uriah drew up and let forth another magnificent roar.

The three spirit-manipulated beasts suddenly became as skittish as frightened fawns and began to flee in a scattered mess. They disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The Three Powers at the Gehenna Border were stunned by this situation, their eyes wide open in surprise. They could never have anticipated that Rocky's spirit-manipulated beast was strong enough to scare away their three beasts only by roaring! And to think that one of their beasts even had two-star strength! It was quite unbelievable! Then they looked at Uriah carefully and were shocked to discover that its appearance had changed. It now looked quite intimidating! With the fierce roar it had just made, it was discernibly quite a formidable spirit-manipulated beast. So they began to think about the possibility of stealing it from its master.

"Brother, this spirit-manipulated beast looks pretty good! As long as we kill him, it's ours!" the fat man said, his eyes shining with greed.

"So, what the hell are you waiting for? Take him down!" the scarred man shouted at his two companions, gesturing towards Rocky.

The fat man and the bald man glanced at each other, and immediately attacked Rocky from both sides. They confidently used their self-taught spiritual martial arts against him. They were still confident that killing him would be a piece of cake.

"How pathetic you are! You chose to be robbers instead of being self-reliant. You are lowlier than a poor beggar who has no hands or feet. Even he knows how to earn his own bread. What's the use of your limbs if this is what you use them for? Let me remove them for you!" Rocky's eyes grew cold and steely, and as his spiritual power suddenly rose, he disappeared in front of them in a flash. The spirit manipulators of the sixth team were all the way behind the huge boulder. He no longer needed to hide his

an unexpected natural disaster. For once, justice was served! These wicked men indeed deserved it.

"Oh? Aren't they the big-name Three Powers at the Gehenna Border?" Joss exclaimed in surprise.

Everyone was shocked.

"Are they famous?" Rocky asked immediately.

"Captain, these three guys are notorious in this area. Though they aren't very powerful, they are as sly as foxes. They used to rob local residents and attack businessmen who pass by. They are truly shrewd criminals. And they're the most wanted criminals in our northeast military camp. There have been many attempts to arrest them, but they always managed to slip away. How unexpected that they're now lying in front of us without putting up a fight at all!" Thor laughed out loud.

"Alright, let's move on." After hearing what he said, Rocky appeared indifferent.

"Captain, why not take them with us?" Thor asked.

"Why would we?" Rocky stared at him, puzzled.

"Of course, we'll take them back to get the reward! Seizing wanted criminals is a third-class merit at least. They are already here in front of us. There's no reason for us to waste this chance! Our sixth squad has never won any merits!" Thor replied with great anticipation.

The other spirit manipulators immediately nodded in agreement, excitement shining on all of their faces. Apparently, they all thought they were lucky to have such a windfall. Of course, they had no clue that this stroke of luck had actually been all thanks to their leader.

Rocky had just wanted to teach the three pesky flies a lesson they wouldn't forget, but inadvertently won honour for his squad.

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