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   Chapter 142 Cold Stare

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6213

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Rocky contemplated as he saw that the path could only allow for the passage of one carriage at a time, with perilous cliffs on both sides. He then turned to the spirit manipulators of the sixth squad and commanded, "Each three of you push a carriage of supply through here. I will handle the last one myself."

"Captain, how could we trouble you with such hard labor? Let us handle this!" The spirit manipulators from the sixth squad thought Rocky was trying to test their loyalty to him and volunteered to relieve him of his load.

"Cut the chitchat. Let's roll." Rocky stared at them coldly, hurrying them to carry out his order.

Rocky was the leader of the sixth squad, so the spirit manipulators had to follow his orders without question. They split up into groups of two, each group in charge of one carriage, and pushed the two carriages through the narrow path. Rocky and Uriah were left with the supply carriage at the rear.

All of a sudden, the quiet tranquility of the area was broken with the thundering sound of a giant rolling stone that emerged from one side of the cliff. It came tumbling down with great force, sending debris everywhere. Finally, it landed right on the narrow path and blocked its passage completely. If Rocky had not stayed behind with Uriah and the last supply carriage, they would have been killed. Fortunately, the rest of the sixth squad made it through the pass smoothly.

The rest of the squad turned to the sound immediately and saw that the narrow path that they had just taken was blocked by a huge rock with their leader stuck behind it. They panicked instantly at this development as they had never encountered anything like this before. Without Rocky commanding them, they had no idea how to deal with the situation at hand.

"Have we just walked into a trap by the enemy? The squad leader is stuck behin

He quietly measured their strength and a plan began to form in his mind. Except for the man with a scar to his face, who was at the fourth grade of the Mortal Stage, the other two were only at the third grade of the Mortal Stage, which was nothing compared to Rocky's level.

"Brother, he must be scared shitless now after hearing our name!" the bald man laughed, looking satisfied with Rocky's reaction.

"Oh brother, he looks like he's still okay! Unlike the others who typically pass out at the mention of our name. Looks we won't have to do it ourselves though. Our spirit-manipulated beasts are more than enough to take care of him." The one in charge also looked complacent, convinced that Rocky was a pathetic weakling.

The three spirit-manipulated beasts in front of them turned excited at hearing their masters' command. They growled, showing their fangs, and brandished their claws. They looked utterly ferocious and were chomping at the bit to launch themselves at Rocky.

"Howl!" Uriah bellowed, its voice stirring up a storm of dust, which was truly magnificent.

The spirit-manipulated beasts in front of them started to shake at this sound and growled with fear. They were backing down at the mere sound of Uriah.

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