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   Chapter 141 Capable Of Finishing The Task

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After arriving at the meeting place which was about two miles west of the military camp, Rocky saw that the sixth squad's spirit manipulators were all gathered there, with only three of them carrying their own spirit-manipulated beasts. The remaining spirit manipulators' beasts, including Thor's and Joss's, all had disappeared last time during the incident in the Maze Forest. It was believed that the missing beasts could have been eaten alive by the wild spirit-manipulated beasts in the Maze Forest.

However, in Rocky's opinion, those spirit-manipulated beasts were just low grade wild war beasts that they were not of much value. It wouldn't be a pity if they were lost.

"Captain…" as soon as Thor saw Rocky, he called. He let out a smile and looked as if he were relieved to see him. They were about to carry out a task. Without Rocky's lead, Thor was unsure how to do it.

Uriah, Rocky's war beast, whose appearance looked fancy and whose personality was awesome, immediately caught the attention of the remaining spirit manipulators and their eyes brightened.

Except for Thor and Joss, the other spirit manipulators of the sixth squad had not seen Uriah before. They gathered around the beast and stared at it with curiosity and fascination in their eyes. Uriah was much bigger than other spirit-manipulated beasts. At the same time, it also looked as dynamic as a tiger and full of momentum. Nobody would regard it as a low-grade spirit-manipulated beast.

"Captain, is this your spirit-manipulated beast? Wow, it looks so cool!"

"I guess it is a two-star war beast? It is so amazing!"

"What does it usually eat? It's hard to believe that a war beast can grow so big..."

The spirit manipulators immediately surrounded Rocky and Uriah and said one after another. They threw him so many questions about his beast. Rocky knew that they were flattering him and his war beast. However, he was not at all amused. He did not like the crowded space nor the endless questions.

"Stop the idle chatter!" Rocky snarled. He looked around with his cold eyes, and immediately the other spirit manipulators were intimidated and zipped their lips. He didn't like being flattered as he believed it was just useless.

"Set out now." Rocky withdrew his eyes and gave the order simply. Obviously, he had already established authority among his subordinates.

Soon afterwards, the sixth squad set out and escorted three carts of provisions and fodder to the outpost at the west side of the front line.

The route to the outpost was divided into three parts. The first part was a winding canyon with its surrounding areas undulating. It was a place where the wild spirit-manipulated beasts seldom showed up, so this part could be thought as a quite safe place. It was free from the attacks of wild beasts. However, from time to time, some robbers who were also spirit manipulators would show up there and rob those who passed by of all their possessions.

Although they were notorious robbers, they definitely knew better than to act rashly and rob the army. They weren't stupid enough to make them their enemy. If they did that, the robbers knew they would be hunted down by the army.

Rocky rescued them from the spirit-manipulated beast at the Earthly Stage, he had made them believe in his ability.

Rocky glanced around the spirit manipulators of the sixth squad. The corners of his mouth curled up a little upon examining them. It seemed that they didn't know that he had taken advantage of them last time. Therefore, they didn't hate him and still regarded him as their savior.

"Thor, you and Joss are responsible to lead the way. You should pay attention to the land under your feet and around, and don't touch anything. The rest of you try to hide behind the carts," Rocky ordered at once.

Soon, the sixth squad settled on a formation to march on, while Rocky was still at the end of the squad to protect them all.

Sure enough, the sixth squad soon walked into a second trap. In the trap, they saw all sorts of arrows dashing towards them from all directions, like the quick falling rain in a storm. It was impossible to defend themselves effectively. However, thanks to Rocky's pre-arrangement, the provisions and fodder on the carts became the good shield against the arrows for all the spirit manipulators. Then, they tried their own way to protect themselves from any possible harm.

Finally, when the arrow rain came to an end, the sixth squad were all unharmed, except for two with minor injuries. 'What a narrow escape of death!' they thought wildly.

Then, under the calm command of Rocky, they got through another three traps safely. After that, they were in a ten-meter-long passage which was so narrow that it would only allow the pass of a single cart.

During the same moment, three figures were hidden on the cliff above the narrow passage.

"Well, I hate to admit but the weak squad is actually not that bad. Surprisingly, they were capable of avoiding the first five traps. There are not that many traps left on the way, but none of them have been killed so far," said the bald man.

"Don't worry! They must have passed the traps due to their good luck. Next time, they definitely will not be so lucky again," said the man with a scar, his mouth flashing a sinister smile.

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