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   Chapter 140 A New Mission

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Rocky understood a watched pot never boiled. So, after half an hour, he stopped waiting and lifted little Rubygon, who was already asleep in his arms, and laid it on the bed. He asked Uriah to take care of it, then left the house and went to the beast farm to get some food for it. Right now, in addition to breastfeeding, Rocky had started to feed little Rubygon some meat and vegetables in order to strengthen his body.

Not long after leaving the house, Rocky noticed that people looked at him with disdain and derision on their face. But it was usual for him. He had been the talk of the northeast military camp ever since he'd been made captain of the sixth team. A lot of people were of the opinion that it was a huge mistake. Hence, he'd been reduced to nothing but a joke in the camp. They were waiting for the sixth team to make a big mistake. In their opinion, letting a loser like Rocky become captain of the team would only result in trouble. This team would be destined to be made fun of.

Although, under his captain-ship, the sixth team hadn't really made a fool of themselves for now. That was only because they hadn't had a chance to do it. It had been a while since the sixth team's last mission. In the absence of any other serious missions, they had only been patrolling. As a result, Rocky had plenty of free time as the captain. If there was anything that needed to be dealt with, he would just hand it to Joss and Thor. Therefore, in addition to bringing little Rubygon to the village to borrow milk every day, Rocky was hiding in the house, cultivating day and night.

However, the progress of this cultivation was indeed unsatisfactory. Even with the assistance of the magical saliva, Rocky's progress was not as rapid as it had been in the Mortal Stage. Moreover, even though Rocky had the spiritual crystal with him, he could not use it because the power of the Holy Dragon Bead in his body was sealed.

Actually, besides the spiritual crystal, there was a variety of treasures in the world which could help improve spiritual power. However, all of them were extremely precious. Consequently, they were also rare.

According to the current progress of cultivation, Rocky would need at least a few months to upgrade to the second grade of the Earthly Stage. Even if he was smart enough, he could not come up with a shorter way to speed up his cultivation and became stronger.

In truth, Rocky was quite lucky. He already had the magical saliva with him and could use it as an assistant in his cultivation. It was a very valuable asset. Generally speaking, any regular spirit manipulator, who wanted to cultivate from the Earthly Stage to the Heavenly Stage, needed to spend ten or twenty years to do so. Logically speaking, with the assistance of magical saliva, one could surely reach the H

ther teams will be definitely impressed!" Thor said with excitement. The other members of the team were also very keen for the mission.

But Rocky's expression was tensed. Even though the route to be taken was safe, they needed to be very careful. The Gehanna Border was a very dangerous place. No one could foresee what could happen on the mission. It seemed it was necessary for him to take Uriah with him this time.

"Thor, you guys go to the logistics and get the military supplies. Wait for me two miles to the west of the military camp. I will meet you there right after I finish some errands," Rocky added.

When he got back to the house, he picked little Rubygon in his arms, who was still asleep. He then asked Uriah to follow him to sneak out of the military camp. Then, they went to the village, which was to the east of the military camp.

At the village, Rocky saw Sue playing with the local children. He walked toward her.

"Have you come to borrow milk again?" Sue shouted in his direction. She pouted, looking at him walking toward her with Rubygon in his arms.

"Do me a favor!" Rocky continued.

"Really? Why should I help you?" Sue asked with a snort.

"I need to find a nanny for little Rubygon. I just got a new mission, and may not be back for a couple of days. I need someone to look after my little Rubygon. If you don't want to help, I will find someone else," Rocky said, and was about to turn around to leave. Sue didn't reply, only staring at him intently.

Sue suddenly tore little Rubygon out of Rocky's arm. "You are so pathetic! Even though I don't want to, I will take care of little Rubygon, but for its sake, not yours!" she said and ran away from him without wasting another second.

Behind her, Rocky stood with a slight smile on his face. He then went to meet Uriah and together they headed to the decided meeting point...

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