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   Chapter 139 Gene Technology

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Rocky was one of the best gene scientists in the world, and there was no denying that. Despite his level of expertise, developing a method to control two spirit-manipulated beasts simultaneously remained to be a difficult task. No spirit manipulator had the ability to control two beasts at the same time, at least, that was what Rocky knew.

The relationship between a spirit manipulator and a spirit-manipulated beast was like of a key and a lock's. They just simply fit together. When the blood of the spirit manipulator entered a spirit-manipulated beast, a unique spiritual bond between the two was formed. The spiritual power-filled blood was used by the beast to lock on its master, as if to imprint. This master-beast relationship was so strong; it would only be broken if one of them were to die. They were bound so tightly they could feel whatever the other was sensing. This mutual perception enabled them to locate each other no matter the distance between them.

According to the Beast Encyclopedia, the reason behind the strength of the bond between the spirit manipulator and the spirit-manipulated beast was the beast itself. Their unique connection empowered the beast. Hence, the stronger their connection was, the more powerful the beast grew. If the spirit manipulator held the same power as the spirit-manipulated beast, the pair could perform Spirit Possession.

Rocky knew how powerful Spirit Possession was. He witnessed in the Dragon Birth Festival how this process could heighten the ability of the spirit manipulator. During Spirit Possession, the spirit manipulator was given the chance to improve their strength by merging theirs with the spirit-manipulated beast's. With this, they could double their power. Once it was done, they would have fused together as a single unit.

A powerful beast could give a spirit manipulator more benefits than a weak one. In essence, the more powerful a spirit-manipulated beast was, the more it could give to its spirit manipulator. It was usually one spirit manipulator to one spirit-manipulated beast. An additional beast was a liability, and offered no additional benefits. Instead of providing more strength to the spirit manipulator, an extra spirit-manipulated beast could only bring chaos to its master. Keeping two beasts under control was something beyond a sole spirit manipulator. Given that, no one ever tried owning more than a single beast.

Currently, Rocky and Uriah were almost at the same level of power. Uriah's capabilities were of the second grade of three stars. Its power was at par with the spirit manipulator at the first grade of the Earthly Stage. Rocky was just at this level. Had Uriah leveled up even in the slightest, its abilities might have bumped it up into the Heavenly Stage and Rocky would not be able to control Uriah by then.


on any harm while performing his experiment.

This would be a very long process. His patience was of utmost importance, and if he were to lose it, it would become an instant failure.

"Cute little thing, I'm sorry you have to suffer." Rocky patted its fluffy head as he pointed the Stroking Evaluation Skill to its cranium. He used the said device to evaluate Rubygon's brain structure. Acting as a scanner, it helped transfer the spiritual power into the beast's body and examined its body structure.

It was actually because of the Stroking Evaluation Skill that he beat Carter in the Super Beast Farm. The Stroking Evaluation Skill was a basic Beast Evaluation Skill in the Magical Evaluation Skill. The higher one's cultivation base was, the better their Beast Evaluation Skill would be. It would be of help in identifying the properties other Beast Evaluation Skills could not identify. The Magical Evaluation Skill was very difficult to understand and extremely enigmatic.

Rocky evaluated Rubygon's brain structure with the Stroking Evaluation Skill. The knowledge he got from the modern world allowed him to figure out the function of each part. Finally, he found the area that controlled its thoughts, which was as small as a walnut.

"This will be painful. Please endure it," Rocky hushed at Rubygon, as if comforting it. He then gathered his spiritual power at the tip of his finger. The power he was harnessing in his fingertip was in the first grade of the Mortal Stage, not enough to hurt its brain.

Rocky gently touched Rubygon's head to transfer his spiritual power into its brain. With that one little gesture, he was able to stimulate its cranial nerves.

After some time, Rubygon started showing signs of discomfort. It was Rocky's cue to stop administering his spiritual power upon its brain. They continued again when Rubygon gestured it was feeling better.

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