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   Chapter 138 A Great Shockwave

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After chatting with the old man for a while, Rocky found out that the old man's name was Jackson Chen. That girl he met, was his granddaughter, Sue Chen. People in these villages had lived here for generations. Even though it was dangerous to live here at the Gehenna Border, they had already become accustomed to living under constant crisis and the burning flame of war.

While Rocky was talking to the old man, Sue Chen noticed that little Rubygon had begun drinking milk from a goat. Admiring his tiny chubby body, Sue Chen couldn't help but smile. "It is so cute!" She came forward almost involuntarily and touched it gently with her fingers. Seeing that little Rubygon wasn't averse to her touch, she took it up in her arms delicately.

"Sue, don't touch someone else's..." Jackson Chen tried to stop her.

"It'll be okay." Rocky looked at Sue Chen with a smile on his face and said, "Its name is Rubygon."

"I did not ask you!" As her expressions gave away, Sue Chen was obviously not fond of Rocky. She glared at him as if to make him back off and hugged little Rubygon even tighter. She immediately turned to little Rubygon. "So your name is Rubygon. You are very adorable, but you have such a terrible name. Why don't we just call you Mimi? Do you like this name, my little love?"

Rocky instinctively laughed. He thought to himself, 'Ha-ha! Mimi sounds like a cat's name!'

"Rocky, unfortunately, I have spoiled my granddaughter too much. I apologize for her rude behavior. Please, don't mind her," Jackson Chen said apologetically.

Rocky waved his head actively to assure him he wasn't hurt. He also let Sue Chen play with little Rubygon for a while. But when the time was almost up, he said goodbye to both of them and left with Rubygon.

Half a month passed by in the blink of an eye.

Although Rocky was named captain of the sixth team, the crew was largely idle except for vain routine patrols. It felt like he was

ts star rating.

This meant that if he could not quantify little Rubygon's rating from the glow, little Rubygon was at least three stars. A three stars rated beast was already considered a pretty good one. If it were to turn out to be a four-star one, it would be really a big deal.

However, generally speaking, a spirit manipulator could only control one spirit-manipulated beast. So, no matter how strong little Rubygon was, it would still not be controled by Rocky, since he already had Uriah.

"Can I only identify you as a powerful spirit-manipulated beast but not control you?" Rocky saw little Rubygon rolling back and forth on the spot. Of course, little Rubygon in its prime years, was only thinking about playing. He smiled with a helpless expression on his face.

Rocky was not one to give up so easily. He thought to himself, 'Why should every spirit manipulator just be able to manipulate only one spirit-manipulated beast?' Going with the surge of feelings, he decided he must find a way to break this tradition. So he could make little Rubygon his own spirit-manipulated beast. Fearlessly, he set out on a journey to study how to control two spirit-manipulated beasts at the same time.

If Rocky managed to pull this off, he would send shockwaves throughout the world...

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