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   Chapter 137 Beginning To Bring Up Little Rubygon

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Much to Marin's chagrin, she was beginning to realize that she had shot herself in the foot by promoting Rocky as the team leader. His polished sarcasm rhetoric really embarrassed her. However, she couldn't do anything at the moment. After all, she had just promoted him. It would be strange for her to downgrade him immediately only because he pissed her off in front of other people. That would cause a plethora of suspicions which would result in a more complexly difficult situation.

"What kind of a secret is this guy trying so hard to hide?" Marin was not stupid. She could sense that Rocky had something secret that he tried to conceal from other people. How did he end up being sent into exile to this kind of dangerous border? Marin was curious about these hidden aspects of his history and was eager to figure it all out.

After Rocky left the camp of the commander, he saw Evan surrounded by a crowd of followers who were all kissing up to him. Evan had distinguished himself in the execution of the task they just participated in. What they were doing now was not unexpected. Rocky could not help but laugh to himself as he caught sight of the fawning crowds.

Evan recognized Rocky, and stopped abruptly, smiling at him. "Hah, congratulations! As a rookie who had arrived in the military camp for just a few days, it is a surprise to have ascended to the position as a team leader."

"If you like, I'm ready to step down for you to fill the void," Rocky replied in his calm manner. He was really talented at sarcasm.

"Well, that's very generous of you. But, no, thank you. It is only befitting for the kind of talent like you. You have to be good enough to be the leader of a rubbish team," Evan replied with a sullen face.

"Oh, Why! It kind of reminds me of the famous fable 'The Fox and the Grapes'! I'm sorry if you're heartbroken to realize that you will never be as good as me!" Rocky guffawed loudly before departing abruptly and gracefully.

Evan burst into a fury as Rocky ended the conversation. In an uncontrollable rage, he shouted at Rocky's back, "Who the hell do you think you are? You lowly bastard! Let's wait and see how long can you keep that arrogant manner! Never forget what I said today. Sooner or later, I will make you crawl before me to lick my shoes!"

When Rocky returned to his room, he saw that little Rubygon was finally able to stand on its own feet. But it was not that strong and still teetered precariously. It kept hop

moment, an old man walked out of the house beside the sheepfold with a bowl of water in his hands. He was holding it out to Rocky.

"Thank you, Sir." Rocky stood up immediately and took the water from the old man. Then, he asked, "Is this your sheepfold?"

The old man nodded his head.

"Little Rubygon has been benefitting from the milk of your ewe. I shall make it up to you," Rocky said immediately

"No, no need. It's no problem. It is just a bit of milk," The old man said amiably.

"Grandpa, how can you dare go out?" At this moment, Rocky saw a young teenaged girl walked out of the house. Though she was still practically a child, her beauty was already evident. Her pair of flashing eyes were big, like a peaceful lake rippling gracefully. She would grow up to be a beauty.

"That's alright. I think this young man is quite friendly. I don't think he's the same as the other ones," the old man replied to her.

"You can't just judge a person by his looks. Last month, those guys robbed us of two sheep and other poultry from our neighbors. They were truly bandits." The girl looked at Rocky with some hostility emanating from her gaze.

"Who are those guys? Rocky heard the girl's complaint, and asked curiously.

"They are..." The old man stopped the girl who was about to reveal the identity of the robbers.

Observing the countenance of the old man and the girl, Rocky knew there must be something happening in this village before. No wonder the villagers were so afraid of his presence. But he did not press further since they did not want to tell him. He had to be patient and considerate with these traumatized people.

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