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   Chapter 136 Many Secrets

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Afterwards, Rocky strode into the camp. Once inside, he saw that it was very simple. Actually, there was nothing appealing to him except a few red-painted tables and chairs.

Meanwhile, Marin was sitting behind a wide red-painted table in the middle of the camp, watching carefully a copy of the battlefield report just handed in by her subordinates. When she saw Rocky come in, she immediately put down the battlefield report. She examined Rocky from head to feet and then motioned to him. "Please take a seat."

Upon hearing what Marin said, Rocky tried to avoid some of the hypocrisy and politeness. After nodding his head, he sat aside and asked, "Commander, is there anything I can do for you today?"

"I checked your background and found out that you were exiled from the Imperial City for penal servitude, but I didn't find any detailed information about you. Besides, I also heard that it was some royal spirit manipulators who sent you here." Marin's beautiful eyes narrowed slightly. She was trying to probe Rocky with her stares. As soon as she came back, she sent someone to investigate Rocky's origin and history, and she immediately found something unusual about him.

When Rocky was sent here, his identity was completely kept a secret. Only the royal spirit manipulators who sent him had revealed their identities. They said something about Rocky's exile but did not say anything else about Rocky's identity. So, of course, she couldn't find out the detailed information about Rocky. He was like a person who had no past. It was no wonder that Marin felt strange and curious about this, and she immediately called Rocky here to question him.

"Yes, that's right. Is there a problem about my identity?" Rocky said with a frown, his eyes turning defensive. He didn't expect Marin to be quite smart and quick-witted. It surprised him that she began to doubt his identity in such a short period of time.

"What do you think?" Marin asked as she glared at Rocky with her sharp and beautiful eyes. Her smile faded gradually. It was obviously illogical for a seemingly weak spirit manipulator to be personally sent to exile by the royal spirit manipulators. She knew there was something more to it than what they were letting on. She had to figure out the true reasons.

If Rocky was sent to exile because he had committed some major crimes, of course there was no problem with that. It was a normal thing and a common occurrence. However, what kind of crime had he committed? It was unbelievable that he should have to be escorted to exi

therwise, he would not have thought of using mud to hide their smell to avoid being chased by the spirit-manipulated beast. If they had not completely covered their tracks with the mud, the sixth team might have been wiped out.

"If you have nothing else to say, I'll go first." Rocky, however, took her words in complete disregard. He sneered, and without waiting for Marin to speak, he stood up and went away.

"This guy..." At this point, Marin's beautiful face was flushed once again. However, this time it wasn't from embarrassment. She couldn't help turning red out of anger, and she desperately wanted to call Rocky back and give him a good beating to vent out her anger. Who the hell was he to provoke her in such a way? Why did she have to meet such a troublesome being? That was unfair! Truthfully, the reason why she named Rocky as the leader of the sixth team was actually a little out of her own self-interest. It was because she was afraid that Rocky would tell others what he saw in the stable that day. After all, she was the commander of this military camp. If that kind of thing was spread out, it would definitely have a bad effect on her. She had a reputation to keep. Worse, since she was a female, she definitely could not let others know about it. Therefore, she decided to promote Rocky to be a small leader, which was a disguised bribe with an intention to let him keep her secret. Anyway, the sixth team couldn't perform any important tasks, so it didn't make any difference who would be its leader. It intrigued her why Rocky seemed to take no interest in becoming a small leader. Others would have done anything to get that position. She was definitely full of surprises.

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