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   Chapter 135 Real Losers

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Born after a long labor, the cub breathed faintly as if struggling to survive. Its skin was blue, which wasn't normal. The cub was no doubt in a dangerous situation.

From a small bag, Rocky immediately took out a half-full bottle of magical saliva, which he had collected after he got into the military camp. The previous magical saliva he possessed ran out in the fierce fight in the Witch Palace. So this half-full bottle of magical saliva was literally his only treasure now. Despite that, he did not hesitate to share this to the struggling cub. He opened the cub's mouth with his fingers, placed the bottle right before its mouth, and removed it after the cub licked the bottle once. He was worried that the cub couldn't endure the strong effect of the saliva so the small portion should be enough. He then gently massaged its breast with his fingers.

The saliva didn't bring the cub to life right away. It made him worried, but he had strong faith that the cub would recover. A few moments later, its skin color gradually turned red and its breathing became smooth. Rocky breathed a sigh of relief.

The spirit-manipulated beast howled weakly and stared at Rocky and the cub in his hands. It was like it was asking about its baby's health.

"It is very healthy," Rocky said to the beast. The beast began licking its baby when Rocky brought the cub near it. The cub gradually opened its eyes and its eyes were full of light, which was likely a response to its mother's summon.

Seeing its baby was sound and safe, the beast started to close its eyes slowly. Actually, it was almost dead but it had to bear to the last moment until it saw its baby. Despite the struggle, it had to at least make sure that the baby was safe.

The beast turned to Rocky and shed a single tear before shutting its eyes. Rocky knew it was a request and an expectation. Rocky saved the cub's life which showed how responsible and trustworthy he was.

"I'll tak

tand why Marin promoted Rocky to captain. No one believed it was Rocky's capability but his luck that helped him bring the whole sixth squad back to the camp safe and sound.

The rumor about Rocky was now heatedly discussed in the camp. So he was for sure a well-known person right now. Rocky did not like the attention he was getting.

Rocky was stopped by two guards who were the spirit manipulators at the fourth grade of the Mortal Stage. Seeing him ragged and in a torn military rope, they shouted at him, "Who are you? Do you know where this is? This is the commander's tent. You piece of trash, get away from here!"

"I'm the new captain of the sixth squad. The commander asked me to come." Rocky glanced at them, answering nonchalantly. He didn't like their tones but he didn't care enough to engage them into an argument.

"Ah. So the loser captain are you." The two guards surveyed him with scorn, "What a loser."

"What is the commotion out there?" From the tent came an authoritative female voice.

The two guards were scared out of their wits upon hearing the voice. They signaled Rocky at once to get in.

Rocky looked at them with disdain, thinking they were the real losers. However, they were not worth his time and energy. He rolled his eyes and walked towards the tent.

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