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   Chapter 134 New Danger

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The reason why Rocky went back to the Maze Forest was because he wanted to confirm his speculations that the spirit-manipulated beast killed by Evan was not the same spirit-manipulated beast that hunted the sixth squad. It was different in size and there was no knife wound on its forearm which meant that there could be two spirit-manipulated beasts of the same category that attacked the three squads.

Something really troubled him about the spirit-manipulated beast that hunted them the previous night. He had a bald guess so he went to see for himself in order to confirm his theory. Although he wanted to know if his speculations were right, he was still concerned about going back to the Maze Forest because he knew how dangerous it was. The fact that his extraordinary strength was at the Earthly Stage gave him a lot of courage. Additionally, he also knew that the spirit-manipulated beast had already been wounded by him and it made him much more confident that this journey would be relatively less dangerous.

Once he entered the Maze Forest, Rocky retraced his steps quickly to get to where he distracted that spirit-manipulated beast. It was near the mud pool where Zander and the others hid last night.

Rocky spotted a trail of blood along the way which he believed was from the wounded spirit-manipulated beast. He decided to follow the trail in hopes of finding the whereabouts of the spirit-manipulated beast. Last night, Rocky used Zander and the others' clothes to draw the attention of the spirit-manipulated beast. Upon seeing the spot where he threw the clothes and the trail of blood, Rocky spotted a small cave where a regular person could barely fit.

Weeds sprung outside the cave as they partially hid the entrance and made it difficult to find it without observing very closely. It seemed as if the spirit-manipulated beast knew clearly how to find a safe spot to hide and recover. If Rocky had not looked carefully, he would definitely have missed the spot.

Although he knew that the spirit-manipulated beast was wounded, Rocky did not enter the cave recklessly. He waited outside the cave as he wished to get a peep on any movement inside. To his disappointment, it was extremely quiet inside the cave. Even the grass and trees that flourished were all motionless and did not show anything that could be helpful to Rocky's investigation. Rocky started to believe that the spirit-manipulated beast might've been searching for food. He approached the cave cautiously with light steps as he entered the opening.

The moment he entered the cave, he found that there was another world hidden inside the cave. Compared to its exterior cramped with springing weeds and flourishing trees, it was much more spatial on the inside. Furthermore, the ground inside the cave was slightly higher with the entire cave and it consisted

Rocky did not have any other choice but to cut it open to get its baby. However once opened up, the chances of the spirit-manipulated beast surviving would definitely decrease to nothing.

At that moment, the spirit-manipulated beast twitched in pain as its red eyes were still glued on Rocky as if it was trying to tell Rocky that it knew the condition it was in. It then looked at Rocky affectionately as if it was trying to say something to Rocky.

"I know. I understand and I will try my best. I am going to save your child. But it might be painful for you and I'm not sure if you could survive it." Rocky looked at it tenderly. The only way was to cut it open and deliver the baby directly from its belly. Otherwise, if this labor lasted any longer, Rocky wouldn't be able to save the baby as well.

The spirit-manipulated beast flipped its body as it lied sideways, revealing its belly to Rocky and curling up its extremities as if it was prepared for what was about to come next.

Rocky fetched his Frozen Wind Dagger and looked at the spirit-manipulated beast that was blinking at him constantly. Without further ado, Rocky used the Frozen Wind Dagger to carefully and slowly slit open its belly. The moment he did, blood gushed out from the opening and stained the grass underneath its body.

The spirit-manipulated beast howled in pain as it was refraining itself from moving too much so that Rocky would have less trouble in making the delivery. It was shaking violently yet it did not move an inch.

After Rocky made his incision, he reached his hands down into the opening and found the baby that felt like a pile of flesh and body tissues. He then held it out carefully with both of his hands. The baby spiritual beast was covered in blood and its eyes were still closed. It was very small, even smaller than Uriah when Rocky first met it and it could be held with a single hand.

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