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   Chapter 133 Rocky Becomes A Squad Leader

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"I can't believe it. It's you! Why you didn't die?" Zander was dumbfounded when he saw the person in front of him. He was terrified out of his senses.

Zander thought that it was impossible he could have survived, yet the person standing in front of him was none other than Rocky.

"Why can't I live?" Rocky replied with a sneer. Rocky was not only able to save the lives of Zander and the others, he was also able to save his own life. Using the clothes they had taken off, Rocky had successfully diverted the attention of the spirit-manipulated beast from him. Then, he managed get himself to safety. While Zander and the others had to run for their lives all night long, Rocky took his time and even managed to sleep for a while.

Rocky easily recognized Marin. It was the beautiful lady who had bathed in the beast stable that day. He remembered how he was sexually aroused upon seeing her figure. When he saw her now, she was beautifully-dressed and was being escorted by the big crowds surrounding her. 'Zander called her commander before. If Zander was not mistaken, she must be the Commander in the northeast military camp. I didn't expect her to look so young and beautiful. It seems that she is in the possession of the war dragon. It was very clear that she is above the Heavenly Stage. Luckily for me, I didn't perform sexual acts on her that day. Otherwise, if this stunning beauty had beaten me up, my tortured flesh must have been torn to shreds.' Rocky thought to himself.

At the same time, Marin also recognized Rocky. 'It was him who peeped at me when I was at the beast stall!' Marin thought, her face flushing in an unusual way. Marin looked into Rocky's eyes and saw him staring at her lustfully. Marin subconsciously adjusted her clothes and her hair.

"Rocky, you're still alive. That's great. Zander has invented a tale about you. He told us that you were disobedient with the orders. It was obviously a total fabrication. It was you who saved our lives! Can you imagine how absurd he is? This thick-skinned Zander is even hoping to receive a reward. And the others, they are drunken brutes." Thor and Joss told Rocky. They were delighted to see that Rocky had come back alive and kicking.

"Forget it! Don't say any more about it. I am glad you two are fine. I don't care about the others," Rocky replied. He took Zander's words and deeds lightly.

Rocky did not realize that his reply had caused a stir. Others all knew that Zander was afraid of death. How could he have kept his composure in the face of danger and managed to avoid the spirit-manipulated beast, and at the same time, lead the sixth squad to flee to safety?

Marin also seemed a bit suspicious about Zander. She glanced at Rocky. Then, she looked at Zander sharply, as if shooting daggers at him

Evan's appearance caused a stir in the military camp. Murmurs were heard from the crowd.

"Evan deserves to be called a spirit manipulator at the third grade of the Earthly Stage. He had killed the spirit-manipulated beast so easily and neatly. You know, the third squad and the fifth squad both suffered badly from that spirit-manipulated beast."

"Indeed. In terms of combat capability, Evan ranks fourth only after our Commander and the two Deputy Commanders in our camp."

"If our Commander is transferred back to the base camp, Evan will likely be promoted to Deputy Commander."

For a while, all the spirit manipulators felt delighted to talk about Evan.

Rocky listened as he observed the dead spirit-manipulated beast, whose combat capability was at the first grade of the Earthly Stage. By intuition, Rocky felt something was wrong so he stood up and took a closer look at the dead spirit-manipulated beast. Rocky examined it closely and discovered that it was quite different from the one he had seen last night.

Rocky examined the dead spirit-manipulated beast meticulously. Suffice it to say that Rocky had made a minor achievement in his Beast Evaluation Skill.

'This spirit-manipulated beast is not the one I saw last night, ' Rocky thought to himself. However, he did not say it out loud. He knew that even if he had said so, no one would have believed him. However, his thoughts were on it. He couldn't shake off the fact that they killed the wrong beast. He decided to investigate the issue by himself.

Half an hour later, Marin led all the spirit manipulators and hundreds of soldiers back to the military camp.

But Rocky did not go back. Instead, he sneaked off and hid himself away behind a tall tree without anyone noticing. When Marin and the soldiers were out of sight, Rocky immediately went back to the Maze Forest.

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