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   Chapter 132 I Am Not Dead

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"What are you guys waiting for? Let's run! That fella will live forever in our hearts," Zander crawled out of mud and shouted. He then took a direction and ran like his life depended on it. Watching, Thor and the rest thought that Rocky was dead already so they followed Zander's lead.

At this moment, Rocky appeared besides that pool of mud, a devilish smile on his face.

Zander, leading the sixth squad to find other remaining spirit manipulators, ran for the better part of the night, until they were too tired to continue anymore.

"Do you think Rocky could be still alive? We should not have left him behind. I mean, after all, he is the one that saved us," Joss said with grief.

"He gave his life so that our entire squad could live. He finally did something good back there." Zander nonchalantly answered his colleagues. For a long time, he had wished Rocky dead.

That very moment, light popped on, catching Zander and his men by surprise. A group of spirit manipulators from the northeast military camp had come searching for them.

Immediately Zander identified them, and called them over.

Those soldiers and a couple of spirit manipulators came immediately. They were a little shocked to see Zander and his men were stark naked and baked in mud.

When all the three squads assigned to the Maze Forest had failed to report in since last night, the Commander led a search party, looking for them all around. These soldiers along with the spirit manipulator from the second squad had gone out to search for their missing colleagues.

Soon after Zander and the rest of the sixth squad were brought to a tent outside of the Maze Forest.

The portiere was drawn up and then a woman in a silver armor appeared in front of everyone.

"Commander Ma!" Everyone, including the spirit manipulators, soldiers and the rescued sixth squad, shouted in surprise.

If Rocky were here, he would have been astonished too as this was Marin Ma, twenty-three years old, the same lady he had met at the beast stall. It had not occurred to Rocky that she was the Commander of the northeast military camp, let alone a royal spirit manipulator at the first grade of the Heavenly Stage. She was born and raised in a family with generations of military service. A few years back, she lost her parents and all siblings and close relatives in the war. Marin bore the dying will of her father. And thanks to her charisma, she had quickly risen through military ranks to become a royal spirit manipulator. Her dedication to military services for her country was exemplary. Although she was very young and a lady, she was a competent leader who readily earned the

ported after a bit hesitation.

"Speak." Marin nodded her approval.

"It was not Zander who led us out of there. To the contrary we were almost killed following Zander's orders." Joss could no longer hold it back.

"That is right! It was not Zander who saved us." Thor joined Joss.

At once, Marin frowned at their claim.

The other soldiers exchanged curious gazes, gleeful to see the sixth squad turning on each other.

"Commander, they must be jealous of my reward. Let's not get sidetracked." Zander had never thought that Thor and Joss would defy him for the protection of Rocky. They had always been cowards. It was on that assumption of their lack of a spine that he openly tried to defame Rocky for his own benefit.

"Commander, they could all testify against him." Thor pointed to the other spirit manipulators.

However, his colleagues were undecided. As they looked at Zander in confusion, they knew he was no doubt hoping they would keep quiet. Marin, too, was staring at them with keen interest. Fearing for their lives, they did not wish to go against Zander, so they chose to remain quiet.

"Speak! Rocky gave his life for us! You guys have no honor! You're wretched cowards!" Joss was livid at their lack of courage and principles.

"Commander, these two...... They just want the attention. I saved their lives yet they came back at me over a dead teammate. I will see to it that they learn a lesson." Zander threatened, smiling insidiously. Rocky had not returned yet so he must be dead. With no other witness willing to step up, it was almost certain that the credit would fall onto him.

But just then, the unexpected happened. Out of the blue, a figure emerged from the Maze Forest and appeared in front of everyone. "I am not dead!"

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