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   Chapter 131 Attack

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While resting to replenish his strength, Rocky used the Frozen Wind Dagger to cut down thick branches from the forest. Using his knowledge about weaponry, he sharpened each front end one by one to make a simple spear. He then distributed the branches to Thor and other manipulators including Zander.

"This is just a broken stick. What harm can it even do?" Zander said with a snort, showing obvious disinterest in this simple weapon. Undeterred with his companions' reactions, Rocky said, "You will know soon enough." Rocky put on a stern expression and directly inserted the wooden stick on the ground in front of Zander. He then quietly stood there, watching the surrounding environment warily.

The leaves on the trees around them suddenly moved, making a rustling sound. The once peaceful surroundings now became violent as the force of the wind continuously increased.

Upon seeing this strange situation, all the spirit manipulators immediately came to realize that something eerie was about to take place, and they could not help but feel wary and terrified.

At the far off distance, Rocky could see something fast and huge coming towards them. "The beast is coming towards us!" Rocky said. He then immediately picked up a torch to illuminate their surroundings.

All of a sudden, the spirit manipulators saw a huge shadow that suddenly jumped out from another direction and appeared in front of Zander. Its speed was so fast that Zander could not dodge it in time. The manipulators saw the shadow's eyes glowing crimson. It looked wild and strong, with its huge arms and legs as powerful as a bear with a height as tall as an average adult. Under the reflection of the bonfire, everyone could vaguely see its body covered with orange fur, and its lower abdomen looked swollen. The wild beast gave off an indomitable presence, striking fear in those who dared challenge it. At this point, it was staring at Zander with malice. The beast slightly gasped, and its eyes were as cold as ice.

Frightened by the sudden appearance of the beast, Zander felt his whole body shivering. His legs quivered and he stood frozen for a long time as his body would not move. He could not yet absorb what was happening as his mind had yet to figure out the whole situation.

While the other spirit manipulators were also terrified by the appearance of the beast, they too were in the same predicament as Zander, stunned to stand there without taking any further action.

As Rocky observed the beast, his heart pounded. He was surprised to find that the breath released by it unexpectedly reached the level of Uriah. It must mean that the beast had the strength equivalent to that of a spirit manipulator at the first grade of the Earthly Stage. Rocky thought it was certainly a very difficult opponent to deal with.

By this time, the huge shadow had moved and directly jumped towards Zander to land a fierce at

f crazy people, aren't you?" Zander said. Although he shouted loudly to show his disagreement, he also took off his clothes following the others.

In the end, everyone was stripped except for Rocky. As a result, a group of naked people stood side by side, and the scene was indeed a bit funny if not for their current situation.

Afterward, Rocky pointed to the nearby pond of mud and said, "You all go in there and hide quietly. After I lead the spirit-manipulated beast away, you can come out."

"Rocky, you'd better not fool me, or I will...". Zander threatened him by showing a menacing look, but he also knew that if Rocky had not saved him at the most critical moment, he probably would have been dead by now.

Soon enough, Zander and the others all jumped into the mud and hid themselves.

Rocky picked up all the clothes Zander and the others had taken off, then suddenly disappeared.

A moment later, the shadow appeared near the pond of mud. It constantly twisted its head and sniffed around, trying to find the group of people by following the scent left by them.

At the sight of the huge beast, Zander held his breath to avoid making a sound. He hid motionless in the mud, for fear of making any noise and be discovered by the beast. When seeing the beast getting closer and closer, Zander could not help but curse Rocky in his head, as he felt cheated by that two-faced guy.

The spirit manipulators saw that the beast was approaching the pond of mud and was about to find them. However, it raised its head suddenly, as if to realize something important, quickly turned around and ran away.

Upon seeing the beast run away, Zander and the other spirit manipulators finally breathed a sigh of relief. It was a close call to death. They thought that they were going to be found by that horrible beast. Knowing their weakness in combat, they knew that they were likely to die had they been discovered by the beast.

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