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   Chapter 129 You Are The Boss (Part One)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6247

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Zander looked pretty disappointed when Rocky, who he thought that had already left, appeared in front of his face again. "I have told you before," Zander sneered. "You're scared of being alone. Why else would you follow us stealthily?"

Rocky seemed agitated with what Zander said and reacted as soon as the latter finished talking. He lunged at Zander and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. He radiated a different kind of air, which Zander did not fail to notice. He was instantly surrounded by Rocky's new aura and his eyes could not believe how Rocky had changed at the drop of a hat.

"If it were not for me, a man could have lost his life! If you want us to get out of here alive, you should learn how to shut that mouth of yours. Things have turned around. Instead of us looking for the spirit-manipulated beast, we are now the ones being hunted down. It's a trap. Is that clear now?" Rocky said firmly as he stared at Zander with anger in his eyes.

Zander was shocked by Rocky's sudden outburst that he just stood frozen for a moment. The Rocky that was standing in front of him was different from the one he knew. Rocky used to be timid. Now, he seemed to have transformed in an instant and became someone powerful. Zander finally realized what happened and was left with no choice but to nod his head with fear.

After witnessing such a sight, the other spirit manipulators like Thor and Joss were dumbfounded. And rightfully so. They could have never imagined the meek Rocky would be able to pull a stunt like that. Nobody expected Rocky to be the one to stand up to Zander, shut him up, and make him listen. They never thought of him to be that courageous and capable.

"Rocky, you said that the spirit-manipulated beast is hunting us. Why would it do such a thing?" Thor could not help but ask.

"I don't know. I am not sure about the reason.

side Rocky now, he would not have gone out of his way to find the others. He knew that with his and Uriah's power together, spirit-manipulated beasts with the strength at the Earthly Stage or below would easily be handled. They were not to be afraid of.

Thor and the other spirit manipulators were still unaware of the agenda that Rocky had when he returned for them. They only knew that he went back to rescue them. They viewed Rocky as someone so selfless; someone who would wholeheartedly go back to a place he knew that was dangerous just to save more people, like a hero. They looked at Rocky like he was their hero.

In the midst of everyone celebrating Rocky as their hero, Zander faded into the sidelines, clearly defeated. Despite his frustrations, he did not dare to say a word. Naturally, he would not let Rocky dictate his and his teammates' fates all the time. He made a mental note to give Rocky a piece of his mind and teach him a lesson once they got out of the Maze Forest.

The sixth team made their way around the Maze Forest while following the signs. With Rocky leading them, it was not long until they got out of the fog area. Without the fog obstructing their sense of sight, they were finally safe enough. For now.

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