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   Chapter 128 Beat A Hasty Retreat (Part Two)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 5766

Updated: 2019-11-01 09:33

"Let's go. He must be doomed to die going alone in that direction. We are safe because we have so many team members united together," Zander sneered and led the rest of the spirit manipulators to the direction he had pointed. He felt victorious because his team members obediently followed the path he chose.

But, under the guidance of Zander, they soon came back to the crossroad where they separated with Rocky. It seemed they just circled around in the area. The spirit manipulators felt scared and confused.

"Captain, it seems we are lost. It would be better if we let the spirit-manipulated beast to find the correct way," Thor said.

"Who said we are lost? It was just a little deviation of my memory. It is actually this way," Zander cursed and guided the team to another direction. His pride was too high to admit that he was wrong. He led the team and hoped that they were really following the right way.

However, upon entering that direction, it was like another maze. The paths were complicated and barely visible. They could not distinguish the way and they lost sight of everything that was a yard away. The area was completely surrounded by a dense fog.

Suddenly, under the cover of the dense fog, a quiet black shadow appeared. Its sharp red eyes stared at the sixth unit who strayed in the fog.

"Captain, where are we now? How are we supposed to get out of this place?" several timid spirit manipulators were already frightened. They questioned their team leader's decision as if they regretted to follow Zander. They scanned their surroundings but they could barely see anything with the thick fog shrouding their view.

"What are you pushing me for? I'm the captain of the team. Is it possi

spirit manipulator who was being dragged into the fog.

Another cry rang through the scene. It was from that spirit manipulator again. This time, it was because of the bamboo. The bamboo may have stopped him from being dragged further into the fog, but it also hurt. His face turned purple from the unbearable pain caused by the bamboo which was pinned in between his two legs.

"What are you still waiting for? Go taking him back now," someone shouted hastily. A shadow suddenly emerged in the fog. It was none other than Rocky. The spirit manipulators were stunned at his arrival.

"Rocky!" Thor and Joss were startled at first, but soon they babbled with wild joy. Then they immediately rushed to that spirit manipulator and pulled him back.

Suddenly, there was a roar of rage from the dense fog. The trees and grasses shook as it grew. The lurking danger was approaching the sixth unit. The scene was enveloped with an eerie atmosphere.

Despite the impending danger, they didn't know how to defend themselves. They were clueless to what their enemy looked like. They were completely exposed, yet they knew nothing about their enemy.

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