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   Chapter 127 Beat A Hasty Retreat (Part One)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 5855

Updated: 2019-11-01 00:03

"If my calculations are correct, our unit is not powerful enough to engage this spirit-manipulated beast. I think we had better double back. Otherwise, it will be too bad if we have to suffer any lost," Rocky said as he glanced coldly at Zander, the captain of the sixth squad.

"You little rookie, don't ever try to exaggerate the fact to frighten us... It is perfectly normal to have one or two fatalities during the execution of this sort of task. The spirit manipulator of the third unit must have lost his vigilance which is why he was attacked by the spirit-manipulated beast. But look at us, we are overwhelmed in members. Who would dare to attack us?" Zander seemed to assert in a self-comforting way. However, he was more of reassuring himself rather than his team members. He pressed his quivering hand on his waist, as if to hold down the overwhelming uneasiness.

Suddenly, they heard another rustle from the bushes. Something must have swiftly passed through. It disturbed the grass when it did. All the spirit manipulators from the sixth unit was so scared that their knees trembled. They huddled together as if seeking comfort from the company. They all looked around in terror and became more alert of their surroundings.

"Suit yourself. I am leaving now." Rocky could not help but shake his head as he saw the team panic and hesitate to proceed. After taking a deep breath, he decided to double back by following the marks he made when he came.

"Captain, we..." The spirit manipulators saw that Rocky had left after he finished talking to them. They also wished Zander could make the same decision to go back with Rocky, despite the tension between the two. After all, no one wanted to risk their life.

As much as Zander did

nder reprimanded while giving them a vicious look. His authoritative voice, his frightening look, and the strict command he had given was enough to make the other spirit manipulators nervous. Zander didn't give them much of a choice.

In an instant, other spirit manipulators were forced to come back to Zander's side. Even Thor and Joss did not dare to resist Zander and his commands. They trusted Rocky but they did not want to face Zander's wrath. They knew that there would be severe punishment if they defied the orders of the team leader.

"Rocky, we will listen to and follow the order of the team leader," Joss said obediently. He felt sad about it, but they were firm with their decision.

Rocky furrowed his eyebrows and frowned. He felt irritated but after taking a deep breath, he immediately cooled down. He knew there was nothing he could do to alter their minds at that point. It didn't matter if no one was going to follow him. He was sure that he was taking the right path. He then walked towards the opposite direction determinedly. Since he had already warned them and they chose to follow Zander, he would not be obliged to stop them again.

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