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   Chapter 126 The Dangerous Maze Forest (Part Two)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6741

Updated: 2019-10-31 10:03

"Hey, you brat! What makes you have the nerve to say that? It's said that every corner of the Maze Forest is full of danger. Who knows what will pop up abruptly the next second! Are you not afraid?" Zander shouted loudly at Rocky on hearing his words. After being sneered by Rocky, Zander felt that as the captain, he was being challenged and would lose his face if he didn't show his authority.

Rocky continued to ignore Zander's words and went straight ahead.

"You... you..." Zander stumbled over words. Rocky's action at the moment showed that he didn't really regard him as the captain. Zander immediately was in great fury and gritted his teeth, as if he wanted to swallow Rocky alive.

"Captain, in fact, Rocky is the one who is the most afraid among us, or he would not have said anything like that. I guess he wants to go back and find a place to hide. You are a very tolerant captain. There is no need to be exasperated with him. He didn't mean it. Please do forgive him, captain!" Thor and Joss rushed to solve the trouble caused by Rocky.

"Of course I know that. Never mind! I am the captain, and I'll just let it go," Zander said, pretending to be a generous leader. He stared at Rocky's back with hatred as he walked away. He continued to pave the way by his spirit-manipulated beast and followed Rocky with other spirit manipulators.

A few seconds later, Rocky suddenly furrowed his brows and stopped moving forward. Zander, who had caught up with Rocky now, almost ran into him due to his sudden stop.

"Hey, what are you doing? Why did you stop so abruptly? You brat is again challenging my authority. My patience for you is wearing out. After we go back to our camp, I must teach you a good lesson, in case you would be so arrogant again!" Zander burst out angrily. He was greatly irritated by Rocky's weird behavior and actions.

At that particular moment, a horrible scream echoed around. A flock of birds in the forest was startled and they began to fly away at full speed as if to s

. Then he said, "It could be a person of the third squad."

"No! Wait! You are not the captain, I am the captain... Why should I answer your questions?" Zander yelled at once. When he finished answering Rocky's question, for a moment he had felt as if Rocky was the captain. So he spoke in frustration. 'It looks like as long as I stand beside Rocky, I always feel that he is the leader unconsciously, ' Zander thought stealthily and felt quite depressed.

Once again, his words were ignored. In such a crisis, he had to swallow his pride. "Based on the average strength of each spirit manipulator of the third squad, the beast that could attack this man must be a very powerful one. It must surpass the spirit manipulator at least at the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage. It is very fierce, brutal, aggressive, and could be foraging in the forest now." Rocky immediately put forward his judgment based on his observation of the corpse.

Listening to Rocky's words, the spirit manipulators present there, looked even more pale and sick. Their bodies all trembled in fear and apprehension. It was the first time they got to see such a terrible scene. The sight before them and Rocky's conclusion about the beast made them shudder with fear. They were afraid that they had high chances of being trapped in great danger from that moment on...

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