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   Chapter 125 The Dangerous Maze Forest (Part One)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7099

Updated: 2019-10-31 00:03

The sixth squad had been following the fifth squad for a few moments. It didn't take the latter a lot of time to realize that they were being followed. All of a sudden, all the members of the fifth squad increased their marching speed drastically to get rid of whoever was following them. The strength of the spirit manipulators in the fifth squad was not bad. As soon as they traveled at their full speed, they were able to get rid of the sixth squad, whose strength ranked at the bottom of all the squads. The sixth squad felt as if in the blink of an eye, the fifth squad had disappeared into the dense forest. They had missed their target and were now at a loss.

"Damn it! The fifth squad is so shrewd. They must be thinking of finishing the task single-handedly so that they could get the merit alone. They are not chivalrous at all!" Zander swore angrily. He was ignoring the fact that to fish in troubled water and get the merits, he was deliberately following the fifth squad. 'How could he swear against others like that? He was also among those kind of people!' his subordinates thought stealthily.

"Captain, what should we do now?" a spirit manipulator of the sixth squad asked blankly as he looked around at the large and dense forest. He was totally confused like the others, about what they should do next. So he had to ask his captain. After all, they needed a leader to lead them and plan out their next move.

"You are asking me what we should do now, are you? Of course, we will continue the search on our own. Actually, I wanted to give the fifth squad an opportunity to pave the way in front of us. Who knew that these guys are so ignorant that they would waive away such a good opportunity! Hmm! Let's wait and see. We, the members of the sixth squad, must be the first one to finish the task and find the spirit-manipulated beast. Then, they will regret profoundly for not catching the opportunity," Zander said in an irritated tone. The fact was that he was just bragging. Though he was weak and mindless, he had to pretend to be strong and smart in front of his subordinates. Throwing a cold glanc

es to fight against whatever it was. The next moment, their attacking actions stopped abruptly because they saw a cute, white rabbit come out from the thick branches and leaves. After a taunting and innocent look at the members of the sixth squad in front, it turned around and leaped away in the other direction.

"Damn it! It turned out to be a rabbit. How dare you taunt us like that! Be careful! Next time I see you, I'll roast you alive," Zander yelled as the rabbit left, leaping away. After he found out that it was just a rabbit, he felt greatly relieved. But his body showed what he was going through, for his forehead was already full of beads of sweat. It clearly exposed his extreme uneasiness a few moments ago.

The other spirit manipulators also breathed a sigh of relief at that precise moment. Perhaps because it was the first time they had come to perform such a task. They looked indifferently, but the fact remained that they were extremely nervous deep inside.

"Since you are so afraid of death, I think it's better for us to go back earlier. If you really get hurt in this task, it's really not worth it," Rocky said with a cold sneer. Instead of wasting time and energy in finishing the so-called task with these cowards, he felt that it was better for him to go back and continue his secret cultivation, which he believed would be more meaningful and helpful to improve his strength.

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