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   Chapter 123 A Nationwide Announcement

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Though he was only able to peep at her profile, Rocky was captivated by the amazing smile of the girl in front of him. Looking at her adorable smile, he was fascinated as if staring at the starry sky. Having been networking in a wheeling-and-dealing Palace City for such a long time, it was the first time that he got to see such a heartfelt smile. She looked purely happy. There was innocence in that smile which reminded him of a new-born baby.

A pair of special upturned eyes, perfectly matched her gracefully crafted face. Her skin was pretty tanned yet she looked gorgeous.

Rocky guessed that she was in her early twenties - the prime of her life. As a beautiful young girl, her existence in this remote place was like a precious treasure of its kind.

'Who is she?' Bewitched by her charm, Rocky could not stop wondering.

Roar! Uriah too seemed to be as fascinated by her as its master. It got too excited and growled.

If Uriah had not made that reckless growl, Rocky might have been able to continue enjoying the beautiful moment. But now, the whole thing was disturbed.

The beauty saw a man and a spirit-manipulated beast outside the beast stall. Both of them - the man and the beast - were staring at her. She could feel that they were watching her with great interest. She felt quite upset by the way they were checking on her. Thus, she could not help looking down.

"Ah..." The beautiful girl screamed in consternation. She reached out to a red mantle that was hanging beside her and swung her body so that it would be wrapped by the mantle instantly.

The war dragon beside her also roared as she screamed. It looked ferociously at Rocky, but it was reined in by the beauty and got down on his stomach.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" The beauty wrapped the mantle closely to her body and queried Rocky, who stood outside the beast stall. Rage flushed over her pretty eyes. Instantly, Rocky could feel that she was a powerful spirit manipulator.

"She must be at least above the fifth level of the Earthly Stage." Rocky judged her cultivation base by sensing the spiritual power. He could not stop being surprised at the power she possessed, though she was so young.

"Me? Oh, I'm just a rookie. I was looking for someone who works in this beast stall... I did not intend to stare at you. I just walked in accidentally!" Rocky felt that the beautiful girl might mistake him as a peeping Tom, so he explained himself

are quite special," the old man said.

Rocky just nodded in politeness but did not say anything. When Uriah finished eating, Rocky thanked the old man and left with Uriah.

Seeing the back of the young man and the beast while they were leaving together, the old man murmured to himself in amazement, "This war beast has reached the second grade of the three-star level. How can this weak young man own it? As time passes, he will not be able to control it. It is really weird."

By the time Rocky and Uriah arrived at the room, Thor and Joss came in. They asked Rocky to join them for the drill. In the military camp, when there was no assignments for spirit manipulators, they usually spent their time drilling.

But Rocky preferred to cultivate alone. He did not want other people to have an idea about the true power he was hiding. He gently rejected their offer and saw them off. He went back to the room to cultivate by himself.

Two days after Rocky was sent into exile to the Gehenna Border, the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire made a nationwide announcement about Rocky. The announcement stated that Rocky was injured during cultivation and needed to recuperate indoors for a certain time. His marriage with the Ximen Clan was indefinitely postponed at that point. There was an uproar among the people of the Holy Dragon Empire upon the announcement.

Rocky had recovered his title as the prince not long ago. He became the star of the future for the Holy Dragon Empire. How was it possible that he got injured during cultivation? How could they indefinitely postpone the marriage alliance with the Ximen Clan?

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