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   Chapter 122 An Encounter With A Beauty Again

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At that precise moment, Evan suddenly walked towards Rocky. His footsteps were heavy and ominous. Thor and Joss watched the scene unfold and both couldn't help but worry for Rocky. They thought, 'Oh, no! Rocky is in so much trouble now. Evan must have been angry at what Rocky said, so he is going to teach him a lesson. If Rocky is lucky enough, he may get out of this alive with minimal injuries. However, if he is unlucky, he may end up seriously injured with broken arms and legs.' In the military camp, it was common to see a senior officer punish a soldier with a lower title. It was not something they could question or complain about.

Meanwhile, the spirit manipulators from the other squads around Rocky gathered closely and looked at the scene wide-eyed. They stood there still with curiosity and anticipation, wondering what might happen next.

"Hey, you brat! Today is your unlucky day!" Matthew said maliciously, flashing his teeth with a wicked smile. He enjoyed the situation where Rocky was going to suffer.

"Are you a newcomer?" Evan stopped in front of Rocky, looked him up and down, and asked in a quite arrogant manner. He was projecting his dominance by intimidating him.

However, unlike many who had cowered beneath his feet, Rocky did not pay attention to him. Rocky remained silent and decided to walk away.

Evan was enraged and insulted by Rocky's indifference. He was a celebrity in this northeast military camp and no one dared to ignore him. Rocky's actions completely stunned him. He didn't expect a newcomer would ignore him so bluntly and so carelessly. He was humiliated and his reputation ruined because of that insolent man. His face contorted. His eyebrows furrowed and his eyes grew sharp. In an instant, he reached out his hand to grab Rocky's shoulders. Although this movement seemed to be very casual, he actually filled a hidden spiritual force in his movement. If a spirit manipulator at the low grade of the Mortal Stage was grabbed by him on the shoulder, the least damage that could happen was that his shoulder would be dislocated. The worst case was that he could be injured for ten days to about half a month.

When the other spirit manipulators saw Evan's movement, they couldn't help but look at Rocky, who didn't seem to notice that Evan was to grab him. They were sure that Rocky would have to suffer the next second.

Thor and Joss were even more stunned when they saw Evan's hostile movement. Unfortunately, it was already too late to alert Rocky of the impending danger.

However, what happened next astounded everyone watching the scene. When Evan was about an inch away from Rocky's shoulder, Rocky swiftly steered his walking direction. He did it so nonchalantly as if he anticipated it from the beginning. As a result, he avoided Evan's grasp in time.

Everything happened so quickly. Gasps could be heard from the audience as they found themselves struck by amazement. Clearly, no one anticipated that Rocky would be able to dodge the attack.

Even Evan himself didn't think that he would miss grabbing Rocky. His eyes grew wide from bewilderment. He was convinced that it was impossible for Rocky to detect his intention based on Rocky's low cultivation base. Also, no matter how he comprehended the early situation, he always felt that

e barns were filled with various kinds of large and small spirit-manipulated beasts, who would be no superior to a two-star war beast.

'It is actually a good place to practice the Magical Evaluation Skill, ' Rocky thought to himself.

He took Uriah into the beast shed and looked around. When he found no one in sight, he shouted loudly, "Hello? Is anybody here?" No one answered or showed up.

Just to make sure, he shouted a few more times. Yet still, nobody answered him.

"Huh? It's so strange. Nobody is managing this beast shed?" Rocky murmured and frowned. It was worrisome that no one was there to tend to the beasts. Was it intentional? He felt something was off at the scene.

All of a sudden, Rocky heard the roaring sound of the dragon which immediately gathered his attention. It was coming from the side of the beast shed. It piqued his curiosity and so he could not help but walk to check out the situation. Soon, he saw an independent beast barn, which was much bigger and higher than any of the other barns.

When he approached the independent barn, he saw the shadow of a dragon moving inside. Upon closer inspection, the dragon shadow turned out to be a war dragon with two heads. Rocky estimated that it was at least a three-star war beast. Its whole body was emerald, beautiful like the jade color, and looked moist, as if someone was giving it a shower just before he arrived. Soon, it shook a little bit and the water on its body began to splash.

"Hey, stop messing around, you naughty guy..." At that very moment, a burst of laughter crisp like a silver bell rang out abruptly. He tried to look for the source of the sound.

'Someone is here, ' he thought. When Rocky looked at the dragon again, he was surprised to see a figure standing in front of the emerald war dragon. He had no idea how he missed seeing the beautiful young lady standing so elegantly just in front of him. Her thin clothes had gotten wet by the splash which the dragon had just created a few moments ago. Thus, unintentionally, Rocky could see her delicate and petite figure clearly. She was just so attractive for him. 'Alas, I am in luck. I encounter a beauty once again, ' he thought happily.

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