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   Chapter 121 A Provocation

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The next morning, Rocky was awakened by the loud sound of forceful knocking. He opened his eyes as he regulated his breath and gathered his power. After opening the door, he saw Thor and Joss, dressed in uniforms embroidered with spirit manipulators' emblem. They stood still like two trees in front of his door with their spirit-manipulated beasts beside them. Joss's spirit-manipulated beast was as tall as a regular dog and it was only at the one-star level. Thor's beast, meanwhile, was a little bigger than Joss's, but it looked like an extremely ugly and strange cat that seemed rather peculiar, as though it had been shaven from head to tail.

"Why are the two of you standing guard so early in the morning?" Rocky asked in confusion as he frowned.

"Mr. Cliff said that you are in our team now, so he asked us to take you to the training field. Why haven't you put on your uniform? It's almost time to go," Joss replied in a low voice.

"We have given you your uniform yesterday," Thor told Rocky.

"Alright then," Rocky nodded as he returned to his room and searched for the uniform in the things Thor and Joss gave him yesterday. He found a uniform of coarse cloth soon, immediately putting it on.

Because Rocky thought Uriah was a little conspicuous, he left Uriah in his room.

"Won't you take your spirit-manipulated beast?" Thor asked Rocky as he saw Rocky come out of the room alone.

"It ate something wrong last night. It's been having diarrhea and is weak now." Rocky made up an excuse at once.

Hearing what he said, Thor and Joss looked at each other with furrowed brows. Never before had they heard about a spirit-manipulated beast that would have diarrhea.

Rocky proceeded to the training field led by Thor and Joss.

There were three training fields for spirit manipulators to train in this northeast military camp. Rocky had seen one of them yesterday.

As the three of them arrived at the training field, they saw the spirit manipulators from other teams had already assembled and were chatting in groups.

Once the three of them showed up, those spirit manipulators looked at them and laughed, pointing at them as if they were mocking them. Rocky squinted in annoyance.

Just then, a tall and thin man came up to them with an arrogant air. He emitted a momentum of the spirit manipulator at the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage, which was considered a high level among the spirit manipulators here.

"Oh! Isn't it the famous hindering duo?" The tall and thin man teased Thor and Joss.

The other spirit manipulators all laughed out loud as soon as he f

ven killed.

Thor and Joss were both worried about Rocky. After all, this man was at the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage. He was even more powerful than some members of the first team. They thought Rocky was not strong enough to withstand the tall man's attacks.

No one knew that Rocky was actually at the Earthly Stage. If the tall man really picked a fight, Rocky would definitely teach him a lesson.

"Matthew, stop!" a loud voice rang out. Unwittingly, this had saved the tall man from his imminent demise.

Matthew turned around and saw a powerful man in a blue uniform showed up along with two men. The other spirit manipulators' faces also grew serious as they saw this man.

"Leader!" Matthew shot Rocky a glare and let him go, before running to the man in blue.

Rocky looked at this man inquisitively. He could tell that he was at the third grade of the Earthly Stage.

"Rocky, he is the leader of the first team—Evan Ji. It's said that he is the disciple of the Ji Clan. His father has a place in the Ji Clan. He is the top spirit manipulator among the spirit manipulators in these six teams. And he ranks fifth in the entire northeast military camp. So don't dare to offend him," Thor said to him in haste.

"Are you causing problems again?" Evan asked Matthew, who had come up to him.

"No, I'm not. The new guy is rude and arrogant, and he even said that the Ji Clan is nothing," Matthew immediately replied.

Hearing what he said, Evan's face grew instantly solemn as he looked at Rocky with sharp eyes. But Rocky met his gaze stoically, displaying not an ounce of fear.

There seemed to be sparks in the air when the two of them looked at each other. It looked like there was going to be a fight.

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