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   Chapter 120 Restart

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"What the hell is this place?" Rocky cried out. This room looked like an untidy storage area rather than a place meant for anyone to live.

Rocky resisted the urge to complain some more, because he knew nothing would change even if he told Cliff Li about the conditions. After all, he was here to serve in the army, not for a vacation. He had no right or authority to demand better quality or even choose where he lived. Mind made up, he thought about how he could make the place more comfortable. Or if not comfortable, at least livable. He was no longer a prince so it was best to do with what he had rather than to appear choosy. Being choosy would only lead to questions. Questions would lead to trouble.

Rocky and Uriah started clearing up the room. Although everything was second-hand and not in very good condition, they could still make use of them. All they needed were the bare necessities for living there, so he got chairs, a desk, and a bed. He rummaged through the remainder of the stuff, kept one or two more items, and then threw out the other things for more space.

After he was done, the room was more spacious and clean. It was nothing compared to his gaudy rooms in the palace, but for now, it would do to live in. Uriah then found a spot in a corner and settled down. Soon, the beast was asleep.

Someone pounded on the door. Frowning, Rocky turned around. Two men pushed open the door and barged inside. They were young, in their twenties, a few years older than Rocky. One was taller than him while the other was shorter. They carried thin quilts and some necessities.

"I'm sorry. You are..." Rocky furrowed his brow as he regarded the men.

"Mr. Li or... ordered us to bring you some nece... necessities and tell you the rules of this military ca... camp. We live in... in the next room," stammered the shorter man.

"Got it." Rocky nodded at them. Then he pointed. "Just put the stuff there! Thanks guys!" Figuring he might as well get to know the two men, he offered them a smile and added, "What are your names?" Squinting, Rocky noticed the weak trace of spirit manipulators from them. They were at either the second or third grade of the Mortal Stage. Usually, a royal spirit manipulator would reach such a level as soon as he or she fused with a Dragon Spirit Bead, unlike ordinary spirit manipulators who had to work hard to reach that Mortal Stage.

"I'm Thor Lei," answered the taller man. Not only was he taller, but also he had a nice build to him. Muscular. Coupled with his fair features and chiseled jaw, he reminded Rocky of the Norse god—Thor, the God of Thunder. He even had a voice to match, loud, deep, and rumbling. Rocky could not help but marvel that the man's name suited him as well as it did.

The shorter man, however, hunched in on himself as he glanced at Rocky, as if he could somehow become smaller and less noticeable. Then he answered in a low voice, "M

charge of feeding beasts," Thor answered.

"Got it. You guys go first. I'm not hungry yet," Rocky said after a while.

Thor and Joss looked at each other. Rocky could see their minds working, as if they thought something was off about him. But neither of them said anything.

After a few moments, they said goodbye and left. Rocky closed the door behind them.

With his back to the door, he thought about his next move. Marcia had sealed the Holy Dragon Bead inside him. In order to beak the seal, he had to reach the Heavenly Stage by himself. That meant he had to cultivate like the average spirit manipulators, like Thor and Joss. He did not look forward to the prospect, but gaining the Heavenly Stage meant reacquiring the power within the Holy Dragon Bead.

At the same time, without the help of his Holy Dragon Bead to draw upon, he had to work harder and longer to reach the Heavenly Stage. He could even imagine the suffering such work brought. He'd seen it in the eyes and demeanor of Josh and Thor.

But he would never give up. After witnessing the evil power of the Holy Dragon Bead, he knew it to be more formidable than anything he'd imagined. If he was able to regain that evil power, harness it and put it to use, he could come back to the Imperial City and take back all that was his, all that he had lost and had been taken from him.

"The Heavenly Stage," he said to himself. His body longed for it.

"I must grow stronger!" Need for vengeance filled him, so did a craving for power. It coursed through his body and ran through his veins like molten fire. He would have it.

Focusing his emotions, he settled down, stretching his will through his meridians. Then, with the help of Uriah's magical saliva, Rocky began cultivating the Vast Nebula Skill.

Today would be the day he began the first true step toward regaining everything he'd lost. And anyone who stood in his path would eventually feel his wrath.

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