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   Chapter 119 A New Life

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Just before arriving at the Gehenna Border, Rocky and Uriah had almost fully recovered. Although the power of the Holy Dragon Bead had long been sealed by Marcia, Rocky was pleasantly surprised to find that the spiritual power at the first grade of the Earthly Stage that originally belonged to him was still at his disposal at the moment. He sighed in relief. At least he still had this.

However, since the power of the Holy Dragon Bead had been sealed, and the special devouring power that existed before was now completely useless, Rocky was no different from an ordinary spirit manipulator at the first grade of the Earthly Stage.

And when those royal spirit manipulators saw that Rocky and Uriah had just recovered from their injuries and their strength had even returned to normal, they were all startled. Their surprise came from the fact that just a few days ago, when they had thrown Rocky and Uriah to the carriage, Rocky seemed to be as weak as a cripple and even unable to move. His beast, meanwhile, seemed to have only half a breath left and looked as if it could die at any second.

Despite the fact that only a few days had passed since they were injured, Rocky and Uriah turned out to become safe and sound, as if nothing had even happened to them. It was quite surprising that they had such an amazing recovery ability, which really made the royal spirit manipulators present scratch their heads in confusion.

The Gehenna Border was the only area in the Wild Spirit Land that did not have any ownership or jurisdiction. However, since it was located in the center of the Wild Spirit Land, it tended to become a distribution center for spirit manipulators who could no longer lead a decent life. Most of them were extremely evil criminals, with strengths ranging from very strong to very weak. However, it was beyond doubt that they almost all belonged to gangsters or bandits who burned houses, killed innocent people, raped women, and committed all kinds of offenses against the laws and their fellow humans. And as a zone between several countries, it had also become a region where wars frequently occurred. Therefore, these spirit manipulators often became hired mercenaries of various countries and served the one that offered higher prices.

At the same time, there were many wild spirit-manipulated beasts in the Gehenna Border, and they were mainly war beasts. Of course, there were also extremely rare spiritual beasts among them. Due to different living areas, those wild spirit-manipulated beasts were not as strong as those found in the mysterious and miraculous place, which was only accessible to the spirit manipulators above the Heavenly Stage. However, because many scuffles took place in this area, even the weakest war beasts displayed strength that was equivalent to a spirit manipulator at the fifth-grade of the Mortal Stage. Meanwhile, the stronger ones even showed strength above the level of the Earthly Stage! Of course, there were also spiritual beasts that had an amazing growth power.

All these different factors had rendered the Gehenna Border an even more dangerous and perilous place.

It was said that if you wanted to survive in the Gehenna Border, you had to remain extremely alert at

ower were beyond that of ordinary spirit manipulators. The fact that only twenty to thirty royal spirit manipulators emerged every year made them an extremely rare group.

Therefore, in this small military camp, a spirit manipulator at the Earthly Stage was already considered powerful. If a spirit manipulator was at the preliminary level of the Heavenly Stage, he could have a strength equal to that of a commander of a small military camp. Meanwhile, stronger spirit manipulators could only be seen in larger military camps.

The spirit manipulators that Rocky saw in front of him were all considered as part of an elite troop of spirit manipulators in this small military camp.

Of course, in the cruel battlefield, sometimes strength was not even the most important thing. Even if you were a spirit manipulator at the Earthly Stage, it was quite easy to lose your life if you were careless in the unpredictable fighting ground. Therefore, in order to survive in harsh environment, one needed not only strong perseverance and faith, but also luck and sharpness.

After bypassing the training ground, Rocky saw rows of shabby houses, which contained the very basic function of keeping out the wind and rain for the inhabitants. At the end of a row of houses, the middle-aged man stopped, pointing to a most shabby-looking house. Expressionless, he told Rocky, "This is where you will live from now on. My name is Cliff Li, and I am the officer in charge of this military camp. I am responsible for the daily affairs and work of the spirit manipulators. There are many places in this military camp with important military secrets, so if you have nothing else to do, you should stay in the house first and don't move around at will. Later I will send someone to tell you about the rules of the military camp, for there are some other things for you to pay attention to."

Rocky nodded with a frown. After watching Cliff leave, he stepped forward and pushed open the door, which was slightly shining through the crack of the door in endless dark. With a gust of wind and accompanied by some dust, a pungent musty smell came to his nostrils. Rocky grimaced.

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