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   Chapter 118 Leave Forever

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"I promise I'll take everything back and kill those vile creatures one day!" Rocky cried into the air. His voice echoed in the midair of the square of the Witch Palace.

At the point, Lena suddenly woke up from her trance and called out, "Basil!"

"Your Royal Highness, His Royal Highness hasn't come," Randi said. She had been by Lena's side all the time.

"No, I just dreamed of him. He said good-bye to me. It seemed like he was going to a distant place and would no longer come back. I must go to see him now!" Lena said with an agitated face, quickly dragging herself out of the bed.

"Lena, do you still refuse to realize his error? Basil has admitted what he did." At the moment, a deep voice came from outside the room. Alston appeared in the doorway.

"What do you mean?" Lena, still groggy, was quite perplexed.

"Basil has admitted that he raped you when you were unconscious. He has acknowledged his guilt to His Majesty, so he has been deprived of his status as a prince. I must inform you that His Majesty has sentenced him to be exiled to the border. He will never return to the Holy Dragon Empire," Alston stated seriously. Of course, he was lying through his teeth. He wanted to make Lena hate Rocky with a passion, and cease to have any more illusions about him.

"He admitted it? Really?" Lena sighed, collapsing on the ground.

"Forget about him. He is a mean bastard with no sense of shame," Alston shouted indignantly since he was aware that Lena's heart had a soft spot for his brother. He gritted his teeth, jealous of that coveted spot in Lena's heart.

"I'm tired. You can leave now. I don't want to see you," Lena said to Alston. Biting her tender lips until they were white, she slightly trembled. Glancing woodenly at Alston, she felt her heart had been broken into pieces. She didn't want to see anyone anymore.

Seeing the mournful look on Lena's face, Alston knew he had hit his mark, so he turned away, concealing an evil smile. Once he came into possession of the throne, he would make Lena his woman.

"Randi, pack some things for me. I want to leave," Lena told Randi suddenly.

"Your Royal Highness, where are you going?" Randi asked in astonishment.

"The Dragon Holy Land. I want to do meditation there alone. I'll leave right away," Lena said, her face grim and wooden.

Seeing the change in Lena's demeanor, Randi was extremely worried about her. It may make a difference if she told her the truth. However, she believed that only by hiding the truth from Len

in the carriage all day, suffering its reeking, foul stench. The royal spirit manipulators didn't treat him as a man and offered him only a bowl of water and spoiled steamed buns for the whole day. They also insulted him gleefully, glad at the opportunity to retaliate against a member of the royal family.

Almost disabled, instead of revolting against them, Rocky could only endure the humiliation. Fortunately, Uriah released five drops of magical saliva each day, so with their magic power, Rocky's bodily health was gradually restored. As for Uriah, which had been severely hurt by the double-headed owl, it also recovered its energy with its strong self-healing ability.

Along the entire way to the frontier, Rocky recalled the details of the battle before the Witch Palace. As he remembered the feeling of the power of the Holy Dragon Bead raged in his body, he experienced a carry-over of fear at the steady flow of the evil power. He didn't know the power still hid dormant in his body, but he had guessed that it came from the Holy Dragon Bead.

The evil power was so formidable that even Alston couldn't rival him. While Rocky was so weak before the power, it recklessly invaded and occupied him. At that time, Rocky was on the edge of losing himself, the feeling of which he would never forget.

In fact, though he hated Marcia, he appreciated her as well. It was all thanks to her that he was alive. After all, she had dragged him from the dark abyss and stopped Alston and Priest Dean from killing him once and for all.

However, despite that, Marcia was the mastermind that led him to such a miserable situation. Thus, Rocky still couldn't help but resent her.

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