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   Chapter 116 The End Of The Deadly Fight

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Rocky was undoubtedly surprised to hear Marcia say such words in front of a big crowd to protect him, but he also knew that Alston and Priest Dean wouldn't let him go easily just because of her ambiguous words. They had been trying so hard to set him up and kill him since he was one of Alston's competitors, and now they were about to succeed. Despite their efforts, the mighty General Marcia had shown up at the very critical moment, and they had no plans of backing out now.

"Then don't blame us for being ruthless," Alston snarled. Although Marcia's words were too ambiguous, which made people wonder about her special relationship with Rocky, Alston didn't care at all. He had no intention of letting Rocky go. The evil power which Rocky had just exploded had disappeared already, which meant that he was very weak now. It was a good chance to kill him and the evil power was the perfect excuse to do so. Anyone using such evil power was regarded as a dark demon in the Holy Dragon Empire. Such people could be slaughtered mercilessly. Anyone who killed such a monster would not be convicted or punished. Immediately, Alston winked at Priest Dean, his conspirator. He knew that both of them were thinking the same thing.

Alston thought that even though Marcia was mighty, she was still alone right now. He was not alone; he had Priest Dean, whose strength was also close to the Divine Stage and would be strong enough to hold Marcia for a moment, so that he could take that opportunity to kill Rocky, who was as weak as a lamb at that moment.

Priest Dean understood Alston's thoughts well. Since they had set Rocky up using such a deadly trick, they had to kill him. If they failed to finish him off now, he would figure out their trick in the future and would take revenge on them. Thus, only Rocky's death would make Priest Dean feel at ease.

Without wasting any more time, Alston and Priest Dean dashed towards Marcia and Rocky simultaneously. The onlookers, the royal spirit manipulators, saw that Alston and Priest Dean were about to clash against Marcia. They stood there stupefied.

They didn't understand why these people were fighting for someone like Rocky. After all, the three of them were among the top figures in the Holy Dragon Empire, especially Marcia, who was well-known for her aloofness towards men.

"It looks like they are not going to let me leave here alive today," Rocky sneered coldly.

Marcia heard Rocky's remark, and narrowed her beautiful eyes coldly. It was strange that Alston and Priest Dean wanted to kill Rocky so desperately. But she couldn't let Rocky die. The Holy Dragon Bead inside his body was the key to revealing the secret of the silver tattoo on her back. Up until now, she had done so much to protect him and improve his strength. If he was killed by those two today, what she had done all this while would have been for nothing. Obviously, Alston and Priest Dean didn't know her secret. If they had known, they would have thought twice before trying to set Rocky up. Now, they had managed to completely anger Marcia.

Some keen onlookers im

t believe that!" Rocky said agitatedly through gritted teeth, glaring at Alston angrily.

"You degraded yourself to this extent for a woman?!" Marcia snarled. She was furious when she found out that Rocky had created the tremendous uproar in front of the Witch Palace only to see Lena. The next moment, she pulled up Rocky, who was lying on the ground due to his serious injuries, and slapped him hard across the face.

"Wake up!" she bellowed. Her cold and arrogant eyes flickered with slight irritation.

Marcia's behavior stunned the people around her. It was pretty obvious to them that Marcia cared about Rocky, and that was why she had tried to kill those two. But they were most curious to know the real relationship between Marcia and Rocky.

After receiving the sudden slap across his face, Rocky sobered up a little. Deep down in his heart, he knew that Alston was right—if Lena had really wanted to see him, she would have already come out. It was impossible for her not to know that he had come to find her after he had made so much noise outside. He guessed that the only explanation was that Lena really thought he had hurt her and didn't want to see him anymore. With such thoughts in mind, he suddenly felt disappointed and disheartened. He had done so much to try to see her, to dissolve her misunderstandings about him. But all his efforts were in vain.

The onlookers were still looking at him in astonishment because Rocky had even managed to injure Alston moments ago. He had been defeated only when Alston and Priest Dean had joined hands. The evil power which Rocky had suddenly exploded was so terrible; they began to wonder how he had such evil power.

"Those who are unrelated to this matter, get out of here right now," the emperor ordered sternly and urgently. He didn't want the incident to be spread far and wide. If that happened, it would create more unexpected problems.

All the onlookers dispersed as quickly as possible. Before leaving, they couldn't help but wonder why Rocky wanted to break into the Witch Palace alone.

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