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   Chapter 115 He Is Mine

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Black light burst out of Rocky's body, beaming to different directions. In an instant, the Witch Palace was shrouded. From a distance, it looked like the black light had swallowed the whole palace. Although it was tamped down by the Hexagonal Mirror, the million rays of black light still beamed down upon Alston and Priest Dean.

At almost the same moment, Alston deflected the black light with a flurry of punches. His movements were so fast and so powerful that it disturbed the entire place. Each time Alston's spiritual power punches collided with the black light, it sends out an earsplitting sound that rocked the crowd at the square. With each punch, beams of light also pierced through the Witch Palace.

The royal spirit manipulators were dumbfounded upon seeing the fight. It was nothing like they have ever seen. The spiritual power confrontation between Alston and Rocky was so horrifying that it struck terror into their hearts. Their heart rate increased, their knees buckled, and they started sweating profusely. The royal spirit manipulators exchanged nervous glances, worried of the outcome of this fight.

Priest Dean realized with a shock that Rocky, with all his bravery and determination, was using up the last of his power in a desperate attempt to resist them. Still, Rocky was no match to his power. Priest Dean decided to finish it once and for all. He pulled the trigger first and diverted his spiritual power into the Hexagonal Mirror. Priest Dean instantly centered all his energy into the fighting.

Overpowered by the Hexagonal Mirror, Rocky's energy and power were depleted. The black light around him began to dissipate. Alston grabbed this chance to strike his palm upon Rocky's chest, swiftly and heavily.

The moment Alston's palm made contact with his chest, Rocky felt a stab of pain. With a cry, he spat out a mouthful of blood that splattered across the floor and on Alston's face. With Rocky's blood on his malevolent face, Alston looked even more vicious and horrifying.

"Go to hell!" Murderous-looking Alston shouted out.

"I would never die alone!" Rocky retorted. Rocky began to smile so wide that his teeth and gums were visible. For a split second, Alston was taken aback. With this nasty and cold grin on his face, Rocky suddenly tugged at Alston's sleeve and began to spew out the evil forces inside his body upon Alston.

Once the evil forces had completely filled up Alston, that was the end of their lives.

"How dare you," Alston choked. He felt like the evil forces were consuming his insides, occupying every single part of his body. He could barely breathe from the contact. In just a few moments, the evil forces would completely envelope him. Alston realized with a shock that Rocky intended to fight him to the death. In the heat of the moment he put a second palm on Rocky's chest and stroke fo

why Marcia had slapped his face so hard. He thought she was there to save him but he couldn't understand why she would slap him afterwards.

"You have let me down by doing something like that," said Marcia coldly.

Marcia's words were embedded with layers of hidden meaning and Rocky couldn't decipher it. Rocky only understood the feelings she projected on her eyes which blazed resentfully.

After a while, Alston came back to life and got up on his feet. He was totally mystified by Marcia's sudden appearance. He stared at her with bewilderment.

Priest Dean, who was standing beside Alston, went purple with rage. The veins on his neck were so stressed that it looks like it would burst. His face was contorted, his eyebrows furrowed, and he stared at Marcia with a mixture of shock, anger, and horror.

"General Marcia, Basil has committed a top-magnitude crime of breaking and entering the Witch Palace. He even killed two royal spirit manipulators." Alston walked towards Marcia and Rocky. "Please get out of the way! I must bring him to justice!" Alston bellowed at Marcia while thinking that he was the crown prince and had the right to issue orders to Marcia. It was time to assert his position in the Witch Palace. He had rights within those grounds.

"Rocky is mine. Even if he has committed a top-magnitude crime, you are in no position to catch him." Marcia reprimanded and showed them the whites of her eyes!

Alston and Priest Dean were stunned into silence at this announcement. They felt a mixture of shock, horror, and disbelief. Of course, the royal spirit manipulators who crowded around were also stunned into silence. They looked at each other in dismay and exchanged doubtful glances. 'Could it be that Rocky had a brief fling with Marcia—one of the Three Great Generals in the Holy Dragon Empire?' The royal spirit manipulators thought. 'What was the deal between them?'

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