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   Chapter 114 Death Came With Energy Deviation (Part Two)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6642

Updated: 2019-10-25 16:41

After the countless spiritual swords flew out, they all exploded around Rocky simultaneously. They turned into countless streaks of light that lit up more than half of the entire square. In a flash, the light also engulfed Rocky. However, Rocky didn't fight back right away as he had done before.

Alston's attack also left the royal spirit manipulators in great surprise. It was because that although some of them possessed strength much closer to Alston, none of them were able to exert such tremendous and destructive power.

It could be seen that the talent and aptitude of Alston was indeed stronger than most.

"That's what you're capable of. I guess you are still nothing but a loser," Alston sneered when he saw that Rocky could not make any sort of reaction in time.

But suddenly, a black light shot out of the bright lights as a sword. It zoomed towards Alston rapidly.

After seeing this, Alston felt astounded. He jumped hurriedly into the air and saw that the black light of sword immediately turned into a blinding light. He was almost completely engulfed by the bright lights. After it had dissipated, everyone could see that the ground had sunk as deep as three meters and smoke began to rise from the ground. Alston's eyes grew wide in shock. He did not understand how Rocky who was just at the Earthly Stage could suddenly have such immense power.

At that moment, a figure who was surrounded by black light suddenly appeared in front of Alston. He opened his hand to raise a ball of black light, which instantly flew towards Alston. Boom! The black ball of light exploded in the air and turned into a blinding light. It immediately engulfed Alston that he didn't have time to react.

Shortly afterwards, a figure rapidly fell out from the black light. He rolled down to the ground in great confusion then stood up with great amazement on his face. He wiped the blood from his mouth and asked angrily," What on earth is this great power?"

It was amazing ho

he meant. The next moment, he began to move towards Rocky quickly.

At the same time, Rocky saw Alston turning up in front of him with his insidious face. He smiled slyly, "As long as you are dead, I will get everything that I want and that includes Lena."

"I will stop you. You will never succeed!" Rocky ground his teeth in anger and said to Alston. At the same time, he tried to break free from the Hexagonal Mirror.

"It is already too late, Ha-ha," Alston laughed out loudly. He raised a flame of spiritual power in his hand. The power of the flame had reached the Supernal Stage.

Of course, Alston would not waste any more time. He controlled his power and attacked Rocky directly. The power from him complemented the power which had been suppressing Rocky before. Obviously, Alston wanted to use the power to kill Rocky in an instant!

"Lena, I will see you even if the price is death..." Rocky yelled out angrily. The black light which surrounded his whole body flared up once again and so did the evil power.

The eyes of all the others present there opened wide once again as they were astonished to see this incredible scene. It was hard for everyone to understand why Rocky had such a strong obsession which really made them feel shocked and amazed. It seemed like Rocky had no plans of giving up.

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