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   Chapter 113 Death Came With Energy Deviation (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-10-25 00:02

"No!" After seeing everything, Rocky climbed up from the ground with his great and amazing perseverance once again. The flame brought by his anger had reached its peak which made his eyes blaze in red. The spiritual power in his body had already been out of control. Just at the exact despairing and isolating moment, the vision of the black dragon suddenly appeared right before his eyes once again. The dragon shouted out loudly, "If you yield to me, I shall lend you my power!"

"Could the power of the Holy Dragon Bead really be this evil? Of course, I will not yield to you but I want your power now!" Rocky opened his eyes abruptly. The color of his pupils began to change dramatically that they resembled a furiously burning flame. At this moment, he felt as if a door inside his body was being opened up. After a while, an evil and furious power came out of his body through that door. Everything was happening so fast.

Suddenly, the skies were filled with clouds as darkness came. There was an atmosphere of horror and coldness as if a demon was about to come.

Instantly, the cold breath around Rocky began to rise. His dragon spiritual power that had a color that was hard to define, began to turn into a darker shade. At the same time, the breath of the dragon spiritual power inside him began to gather and flow to every part of his body until his entire body was surrounded by black air.

Hawk sensed that Rocky was suddenly surrounded by an evil breath. He felt that the power of the breath was growing on and on that he could almost see the dark breath closing in on him. Hawk could not help but feel extremely frightened and confused. He did not understand how Rocky, a royal spirit manipulator at the Earthly Stage, could let a master who was at the medium grade of the Heavenly Stage like him feel such immense force.

Hawk could not help but take a step back. However, just at the same moment, Rocky suddenly revea

irit manipulator at the Earthly Stage.

"You two, get out of here," Alston said coldly after seeing this. His eyes were full of doubt because Rocky now looked like a totally different person and his entire body was surrounded by an eerie breath of evil. Alston felt that everything could not be delayed any longer. So, he ordered the two guards at the Heavenly Stage to back off right away.

Alston looked serious. All of a sudden, a cyclone whirled at his feet. His spiritual power was improving rapidly. In a short time, his spiritual power broke through the Heavenly Stage and went straight into the Supernal Stage. His whole body glistened with cyan light. The breath of the Supernal Stage was suddenly surging out of his entire body violently.

"It looks like I'm going to have to do it myself," Alston said. After that, he began to rush towards Rocky. He flipped his wrist then all of a sudden, countless spirit swords that burned with cyan flames appeared from his body. He controlled these spiritual swords, used them to attack Rocky and bombard him like a storm. Before long, the light of these spiritual swords lit up the entire front of the Witch Palace. From these attacks, one could clearly see that Alston was very strong as a Supernal Stage master.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

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